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Just returned an Asus Ally and brought home a Legion Go.  I just couldn't deal with the 7" screen.   Is this the best place for updates and info about the Go? 

  • I would definitely bookmark the Legion Go group to find information about the Legion Go. Consider bookmarking the sub Reddit for the Legion Go as well. You can also learn a wealth of information from the Discord channel 

    Finally, the following site is great to understand the recommended settings you should consider for a game you're playing It's also good for how-to guides, news, and more.

    Assure at least every Friday you come back to the group here. You'll see Ben Meyers posting some type of updated news about the Legion Go regarding what's coming and more.

  • Hi Jeremy and welcome to the community! This is the best place for updates on the legion go. You'll definitely want to bookmark the site like Tony suggested. Also, I suggest bookmarking www.legiongolife site. This is another site for great updates and game setting suggestions. Feel free to ask the community you have any other questions. Everybody is really nice and are always willing to help you should you run into any issues or have questions. Enjoy your new Legion Go!

  • Welcome and congrats on your new Legion Go. The screen is great!

    Is there anything so far you have missed about the Ally?

  • Welcome! I hope you like the Legion go! :D 

  • Thanks!   This is so much better than the ally already!

  • nope.   Happy with my trade.   I can actually see well enough to use Windows.

    Even though I have been on all of those links, thanks a lot for sharing them all at once! So I could finally properly bookmark them all properly WinkThumbsup

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    welcome to this community! WinkThumbsup

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  • My pleasure... Wink