Enhance Your Aim: Introducing the Tighter Hall Joystick for Legion Go

Introducing the tighter version of our joystick, designed to elevate your gaming experience with Legion Go. By increasing the tension of the joystick, we enhance precision and control, particularly beneficial for FPS gaming. Get ready to take your aiming accuracy to the next level and dominate the battlefield like never before.


  • That's pretty sweet! It's exactly like the swappable thumbsticks on the dual sense edge controller. I'll definitely have to pick these. Thanks for the info!

  • Oh that's very cool. Long needed. Thanks for the update.

  • Really like the redesign/upgrade.

  • Nothing like more control & accuracy!

  • That's pretty cool Glas to see some improvements to fps gaming controllers 

  • Uggghhhh... people like you  !

    You make me spend money on COOL STUFF!!

    Seriously thank you for this! I would assume installing this would void the warranty in every way. Is that correct?

    Can someone (mods, Ben, Lenovo support) weigh in on that? Oh mighty Lenovo... is it really so hard to sell the controller separately and/or have different configurations of the controller for sale?

  • Dang new, improved joysticks for ~40 is a really good deal. Improved responsiveness and precision and the replacement toolkit is so worth. 

    when I get. Legion go, I’m getting these. This actually makes me wonder if I could get these for my switch as well.

  • The one thing I really disliked about the Go analogs was how soft they felt. I’ll beat them up for a while and consider these in the future.

  • Offline in reply to Nick C.

    Yeah, this is the world's first tighter hall joystick for Legion Go.

  • Yeah, don't miss out!