Have the manufacturing fixes for the fan whine been implemented on new orders from lenovo.com?

I'm looking at purchasing a legion go but I don't want to purchase it until I can be certain I'm getting an updated model with the fan and controller wobble fixes that Ben mentioned previously.

What are the manufacturing dates of the fixed units?

Is lenovo.com currently shipping those updated units?

  • I just recently purchased a unit and the controllers are rock solid and the fan just makes white noise when pushed to the max

    I just looked it was made in November 2023 so it’s an older unit. Hope it doesn’t get those controller issues

  • Hi @Invision, I bought a Legion Go at launch and my controllers are still rock solid. In my opinion from what I think, it is a more seldom thing happening to have wobbling controllers from the start. Just think about it; Only people having it complain loudly like in this forum, on Discord, or Reddit. (Which is totally understandable). But people not having it, all won't be complaining at all, and you won't even mention those.


    -> I sincerely think most people subscribed to one of those 3 here, discord and Reddit, are or technically interested nerds (like I am Sweat smileYum), or just people who are not so strongly into technical stuff and realize, as the Go is a Windows device, and is therefore a bit more complex, additional information would be useful.

    -> Sincerely people subscribed to those are maybe 10 to 20% of all people who buy a Legion Go at all, and all others just buy it and use it. Only if they encounter real issues, or they will contact Lenovo Support or come to any of those platforms.


    I also don't have any fan whine issues, even though I have a "first day" unit. Even though this issue seems to happen way more often then the wobbling controllers, I also think it is a very subjective matter, as the Lenovo Fan can get spinning insanely fast (over 7000 Rpm), and at high speeds can just be really loud. I just also think there are people who are not used to it, and therefore think they have it (besides the ones really having it).

    -> By comparing the Go loudness to a faster Gaming Notebook, the Go is definetly less loud by a lot (had several gaming notebooks in the past), if you don't activate full speed in the LegionSpace manually.


    And exactly that loud wine noise that you describe is normal, just caused by really high rounds per minutes speeds and the form and building size of the fan.

    -> I agree it can be annoying if you put it manually on Max, but just normally playing without it on, even without a headset it is somewhat louder at Performance mode, or 30 watts custom TDP, but really "standable" compered to when playing with gaming notebooks, where it really often gets unstandable in my opinion (also therefore I sold mine and just keep my Legion Go as my mobile PC/device).

    -> But again this is my opinion, and a highly subjactive matter.

  •  Nothing on this earth will never be as loud as my ps4 fan lmao

    Tho once I took it apart and applied new thermal paste it was almost silent again.

  • Anybody from Lenovo want to chime in?

  • I'm going to contact sales and see if they can send me one manufacturered in February. 

    If not, then I'll just do the buy and return roulette from best buy at their expense. 

  • I do know there is a separate whine from the fan than just normal fan running sounds. Mine has a high-pitched noise even when running idle. I don't notice it when playing games with the volume on but If I am on Windows doing stuff or set it down to go do something I can hear it. Once they have a process in place I will be getting mine fixed. But Lenovo has been good about updating and fixing the issues with the Go. 

    J.D. if you don't want to deal with any issues I would wait. But even the SteamDeck being out for over a year the newest OLED model refresh had issues users needed to work through and Valve fix. It's part of the territory for this as we are still in the starting stages of handheld computers becoming mainstream. For as minor of an issue as these are and how well Lenovo has been handling repairs I wouldn't worry about it. More of a minor nuisance than a real issue.

  • Hi  ,

    as I was writing I meant only that besides the people really having the actual wine I can imagine many people on top of that just thinking they have it too, just because they don't know that the louder fan noise from the Legion Go is fully normal, especially when playing AAA games, or turning it on on full speed (whyever someone wants to do thatSweat smileShrug)

  • I talked with Lenovo Sales and they said it'll be a couple of months for units made in Feb 2024 to be available for purchase, which really makes no sense.

    Ordered another from Best Buy. Date of manufacture is 11/16/2023. Fan whistle even worse than my last one. It's going back. 

    The date it's made is on the outside of the box, so you can go around to various places and try to get one made in late Jan or early Feb. 

  • Offline in reply to D.Y.

    the chances of getting a newer unit is going to be highly unlikely. Not only does bestbuy and other retailers need to empty inventory before they place an order for more units, Lenovo likely has thousands of november units stacked in a warehouse and would be financial suicide to stop selling them in favor of newer units.

    so when they say it will be months before you see new units, thats why. they need to sell off old stock first.