New Nvidia App Beta

I saw this the other day but forgot to post it. Nvidia has a beta app that has consolidated both the GeForce and nvidia control panel. This consolidated app lets you adjust game setting as well as control panel setting or you can just use the global settings if you like. I downloaded the app and it's much better having everything in one place. Feel free to download new beta app if you like from the link below.

  • Finally we are not forced to sign in, this is great news

  • I'm a bit confused... this doesn't work on the Legion Go... does it? If not   you should post this in the PC Gaming forum to get this information the exposure it deserves!! I will definitely try this out on my gaming laptop and my wife's. Thank you for telling us about this!!!

  • OMG! I didn't even realize I was posted this in the legion Go area. I thought I did post this in the PC topic. My bad! Maybe one of the mods can move it to the correct area so there's not a double post. Thanks for letting me know Tony!

  • I am glad you did though! My gaming PC has a Nvidia card so I am going to test this out. It may be useful here for users with an external Nvidia GPU. 

  • I've been using it for a few days. So far im really liking the RTX sdr to HDR in the older games I play on my OLED.

  • No worries   its all good. Regardless I'm glad you posted it because the information is helpful to me personally as I mentioned. I do hope you "duplicate" your post in the PC Gaming section also. It's EXCELLENT info and a great resource/tool.