SSD Recommendation

Hello everyone, I have information about the exact characteristics of the Legion Go SSD. My experience with 512GB is that it has great performance but somewhat poor capacity, therefore my idea is to upgrade to another SSD with a higher capacity. I have this one in mind but I wanted to know if it would offer the same features as the legion native.

  • Hey David I'm assuming it would be a good card. I went with the Visiontech 1tb card that was the same same size as the original in the Go so I wouldn't have to buy the adapter piece and I haven't had any problem at all with it. I think it totally your decision but in my case I try to get the fastest and the most reliable available. 

  • Hi  ,

    I have the same SSD-Card as the 2 TB version and shorter with the 2230 length and use it with the Go and am super-happy due to about the same speeds, and in comparison with other SSDs lower temperatures.

    -> I would recommend you to look out for the 2230 versions of this, as they might be cheaper und you can also use them in the Go with an extender bracket for around 10 bucks or less to fix it.

    Did you at the end order the 2242 version you shared in the link?


    Sorry  , but if possible I would advice against using a Visiontek one, as many within this forum had overheating problems as I wrote in my other comment below. I just didn't remind the proper name of the MicroCenter brand they are selling Sweat smile.

    -> But I'm really happy to hear that at least you didn't have any issue with it so far.