Legion Go Update 02.27.24

Hi Everyone,

Will update what I can today.  Before I do that though, I have a few PSAs and need to (again) clear up some misunderstandings:

First, please understand that I am not a Community Manager, I'm a Product Manager.  These updates are done in my "free time" or take time away from my actual job, time with my family, etc. and I'm doing the best I can to provide them if/when/as makes sense. There are some days where something else will take precedence, but please rest assured that the lack of an update post from me does not reflect interest or effort levels of development on Legion Go by me or anyone at Lenovo.  Quite the contrary.  As an example, last Friday, rather than spend time on an update without much substance, I spent the time aggregating, summarizing, and finding additional detail for some of your requests/issues to try to streamline some of the development work for our back-end teams.  I also spent time trying to diagnose some reports of issues/etc. with the product.

Second, as much as I wish I could read and respond to every comment in the subreddit and this forum, I can't.  Lack of a response from me or anyone else at Lenovo shouldn't be viewed as anything nefarious, simply a lack of bandwidth.  I'm also not a mod and do not have any ability or desire to ban anyone or delete posts.  As I've said before it's constructive criticism that helps improve the product more than anything.  My sole purpose for engaging with the community here is to better understand concerns/requests, keep you updated on our progress (if any), and generally do my best to address what I can.  You spent money on the device and are entitled to your personal opinion on it, and you are also justified in voicing your dissatisfaction and requesting that we "do better" if you are disappointed.  You are posting publicly, though, so be prepared for people to tell you when they believe your expectations are unrealistic or if your chosen method of delivery is abrasive.  It's a two-way street.

Third, most issues take more than a week to identify, develop, implement, test, and release, and unfortunately not every issue can be fixed/addressed.  So if you raise a concern and I don't mention it specifically in my next update, it's because I have no new information to share, not that we've stopped working on it or no longer care.

It continues to be a challenge to strike a balance between posting frequently or posting higher-quality updates.  Going forward I'll post if/when I have something significant to update, which may end up being on Fridays more often than it isn't.  There may be two posts in one week or none for a few weeks during longer development stretches.  At that time, if you want an update on something specific you can ask in the post comments and I'll try to respond as best I can, but if I have anything worth updating it would have been in the post.


That said, this is what I have for you this week:

Speaker Crackle

We got a unit from a user who claimed their system was experiencing audio interference on the left speaker that some of you have mentioned.  The unit was wiped before it was sent in and we have been unable to replicate any audio anomalies through no lack of trying, which is leading me to think it might have something to do with 3rd party software.  We're going to keep working on it but we need more data/information to properly assess what is going on here.  I'm going to post a comment below.  Need help from anyone experiencing this issue to post videos of it and if possible a list of SW you have installed as well as the manufacturing date of your device which can be found right above the X'ed out trash can logo under the kick stand or on the bottom right corner of the configuration label on the box.


Feedback to the Team

There are a few ways you can submit bug reports, feature requests, general comments, etc.  One is posting in these update posts, I read all the comments and respond to what I can, the upvoting and thread system on reddit is a big help to better identify and rank things that people care about.  If it's a new issue I'll log it for the team to review and address as possible, if it’s a known issue or previously requested item it helps to know it's still in demand and I can raise the priority on it a bit.

Another is on the Legion Gaming Community Forums here (for this product specifically the Legion Go Forum): Legion Go | Lenovo Gaming (US)

And, the Space team has added a link/button for feedback as well (would recommend keeping this "Space"/SW specific.  This goes directly to the Space SW team.


We very much understand how much you all want this on the Go.  We do too.  We're aware that AMD has launched updated drivers as well.  Currently the team is debugging the AMD VGA driver for the Go (making sure the FPS counter doesn’t stop working again).  For AFMF specifically, as expected the native portrait display is creating some challenges.  AMD/Lenovo are co-working to address that but I can't make any guarantees at this point about implementation.  I will share more updates if/when/as I can as this is still being actively discussed internally.  We're also looking at the next set of drivers AMD plans to release and trying to evaluate how we can best leverage our available resources to get you the most meaningful updates as quickly as possible.


Next Space Update

The next major update will revolve primarily around key mapping and key customization.  Won't be limited to just that but that will be the main focus.  As I've mentioned before this will take quite a while to develop.  There are reasons it's taking a while, and longer comparatively than other devices already on the market that I can't really get into specifics on.  Unfortunately the SW team is not sitting down with a blank sheet of paper and just writing the code to enable it, they are/were gated by dependencies that are out of their control.  That said, given the lengthier development time required for this I've asked the SW team to take a look at some of the smaller asks we have to see if we can get a smaller update with some quality-of-life fixes while we wait for the bigger key mapping update.  Will keep you posted there.


BIOS v29 (and the Beta 29.1)

Given the audience for this post I doubt this will matter much in the grand scheme of things but on the off chance you haven't updated to v29 yet and read this, please be aware that the v29 BIOS is being pushed out over Windows Update as a "firmware" update.  There isn't a great warning/prompt system here it will just download and install on its own.  So if that happens when you're not paying attention (because let's be honest most of us don’t), the system will reboot, install the BIOS update, and during that BIOS update there are 2-3 minutes where there's nothing on the screen (unavoidable as it's flashing a FW update for the panel connection and thus nothing can be displayed on screen).  It's important during that time that you don't come back and think the device is just asleep and try to force restart/turn off/etc.  We're working on reducing the time the screen is off, adding some additional prompting, and seeing if there's a way to temporarily remove this from Windows Update so it doesn't sneak up on anyone.  But just wanted to put this out there that it's normal for the screen to turn off during BIOS update for a while and be aware that it does, and that Windows Update may push this update out to you without you seeing it.  For those updating from a later BIOS version it seems to be much quicker/more seamless but for those who may have recently purchased and updating from an older BIOS it may take longer.

You can quickly see what version of BIOS is currently installed by pressing Windows+R and typing msinfo32 into the dialogue box, hitting enter, and looking at the field called "BIOS Version/Date".  v29 is the latest official and the one being pushed out by windows update, so if that's what you're on you don’t need to worry about any of the above.


If you have other questions I will do my best to answer them.


Thanks for your continued support and patience,


Disclaimer: The details provided herein are intended as a courtesy update and do not serve as a binding commitment or warranty. Lenovo cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information and reserves the right to modify product and service plans at any time. We are not liable for reliance on the projected timelines or features, which are subject to change based on various business needs and product development considerations.

  • Thanks for the update!

  • Hi  could you finally address the deadzone bug that is tied to the sensitivity curves? This is widespread, reproducable and an overall deal breaker. Thanks.

     Joystick Sensitivity & Deadzones still have something very wrong going on. 


    Thanks a lot! That's great to know!

    Thanks a lot for your transparancy and efforts you are putting into letting the Go improve further and further! 

    I wish you won't have to do too many overhours and can find a good way without too much stress with a good work life balance. I'm currently also working on improving my situation around this WinkThumbsup

  • Hi Ben and thank for the effort :) 

    I own a Legion Go since February 1st and I really love it Slight smile

    Just my 2 cents about portrait Display: It it possible change the "physical" orientation via modification of EDID values? I made some research on google and someone could edit some of these values on other devices to "hack" the display like overclocking refresh rate or stuff like this.

    Did I told something silly?

    Thank you again Slight smile

    Have a really nice day

  • Its pretty what you wrote but still what i said is true. I have had the Steam Deck, I sold it for the Onexplayer.. Sold the Onexplayer for the ROG ally and I sold the ROG Ally for the Legion go! 

    While they all some issues, NOT as major as the screen on the Legion go!

    When the Legion go was announce. They said the screen would be vertical and also, it would have VRR. Then they said the VRR was an error and the display, to be honest, never read anything about them saying sorry. its a portrait display. Lets not even talk about the non existent pass trough charging they promised. Where you can play the Legion go connected to the charger without utilizing the battery....  

    AMFR, The thing that can make this handheld shine, something that can make AAA games play at "60fps" is not an option because of the portrait display? Really? I know its not the software teams fault. Its Lenovo fault but all of us are paying the price. a $700 price because of there screen choice. If people are content about this, they must be a fanboy because anyone that paid full price, they were promised things that never happened, should be pissed! like me! 

  • Hi Ben.  Do you have any additional information when we will be able to send our Go's in to have the fan whine repaired / replaced?  You indicated in early January that it was addressed in manufacturing, and last time I checked (approx. 2 weeks ago) with support they did not have any information on if repair activities for this issue were ready.  Thank you.

  • Thank you for answering   it's very much appreciated. Lastly... another unsolicited suggestion. It would be GREAT if like Steam, Legion Space can be set to view of an owners Game Library instead of Store (Gamesplanet.com) by default.

  •   I sympathize with you and understand your feelings. It's easy to "hear" the frustration in your post. I think we all have our disappointments about the Legion Go's release condition and current condition. If I may Miguel... have you tried Lossless Scaling? https://store.steampowered.com/app/993090/Lossless_Scaling/ 


    I realize of course this isn't AFMF, but if ultimately you desire is 60+ FPS, Lossless Scaling could meet your gaming needs. Have a watch of the video below as well to alleviate any ghosting you may see.

    By know means can anyone say any device to include the Legion Go is perfect. It's all about the individual use case. For me, the Legion Go is pretty close to perfect... on Linux (Bazzite Steam Deck Edition)!

  • Hello Tony, 

    I appreciate the post. I have followed this App through some reviews, Still issues with some ghosting and stuttering. Definitely the developers are doing something amazing there. 

  • Ben, I appreciate your volunteer work. I have been in similar situations and understand the concerns you have. Regarding the audio crackling. I am a new owner of Legion Go (arrived Tuesday) and I have heard the crackling as well. Typically, at the start of a game, switching between performance settings, or on boot. My experience of it has gone away after a few minutes. I am only running Lenovo distributed drivers, updated Windows OS, and the latest Legion software.