Legion Go Controller Options

Will there be more ergonomic controllers released by Lenovo in the near future or will third-party manufacturers be allowed to make them?

  • I hope they get around to having other companies create other options for them.

  • Agreed 3rd party is the way to go. 

    Would like to see a keyboard base dock ect that just the screen can slide into, with out the controllers on, that is usbc with a battery built in it to charge the go and offer some additional IO ports Slight smile

    turn this beast into a laptop surface style

  • I would purchase controllers set up exactly like the steam decks. Make the controller more rounded as it can dig into the hand. Make the D-pad use rubber contacts rather than the flimsily clicking it does now.

    move the start and select buttons side by side rather than one above the other and then add speakers for front facing audio. Also use tighter springs in the analogs. Add bigger track pad and get rid of the smooth surface of it and make it more like the steam decks. 

    as it stands now the controller is 6/10 at best. 

  • Near future: no

    Future: yes

    Other companies: not officially sanctioned but someone may find a way

  • Awesome! This is the one thing I was hoping to hear. Thanks for giving us a confirmation. I love the Go and even the size of the controllers, but the front edge digs in a lot.

  • You can swap the Legion L/R with Select/Start in your settings.

  • Thanks for the straightforward answer, Ben! For what it's worth, I know a good percentage of people return the unit solely because of the sharp front edges of the controllers.

  • I would love it if an alternate right TrueStrike were available without the FPS mode button configuration (basically offering a mirror of the left controller for the right side).  The right bumper in particular is too easy to accidentally activate when gripping the controller.