What if the next version of the Legion Go skipped the screen for AR glasses instead; would you buy one?

That it what another company may be doing.


I would definitely be interested in a Legion Go minus a screen, replaced with AR glasses.

My biggest concern would be the quality of the AR glasses.

The USB-C port would still be able to connect to a monitor if wanted.

Please share your thoughts and ideas.

  • I'd say no reason for go is so I can hold it and use like a switch.

  • I think it would be cool but it wouldn't be for me seeing how I wear every day glasses to see because I'm getting old, lol!

  • Prefer the screen, since I already wear glasses.

  • Nick C.

    Great point! Us optically challenged gamers do have harder times using some of the cool tech out that is available.

    I have a special pair of prescription style goggle glasses I bought for work. They ended up working well with my Oculus Rift S. I am not sure how good AR glasses would actually work for me, even after investing in the custom optical lenses you can have made for them.

  • Yes, wearing glasses would complicate using AR glasses. Getting the custom lenses made would add to the cost.

  • The Go is a great device in its current form and has a large gorgeous screen.

  • Unlikely they would do that... but yes I would haha

  • Pass, the GO has a great screen and the glasses as a tech have a ways to go.  Plus any glass wearers and others with medical issues would be unable to benefit which would limit market reach.

  • Lol, I just finished watching some videos on the Tecno Pocket Go and was coming to the forum to share. Rofl I think it's an interesting thing and surprisingly powerful since it'll be running a Ryzen 7 8000 series. One of the reviewers said in terms of weight that it's between the Legion Go and Steamdeck, but closer to the Steamdeck. The one interesting aspect of it I was surprised to see is that it has a 50W removable/swappable battery. The glasses are individually adjustable (the review wore medium sized pair of glasses), but I'm curious to see how they'd sit with glasses on others. I'm just excited for all the variety now in the mobile/portable PC gaming space. Just a few years ago there weren't nearly as many as we have now with all the AYANEOs, Odins, now the Legion Go, two Steamdecks, and still more to name.