What if the next version of the Legion Go skipped the screen for AR glasses instead; would you buy one?

That it what another company may be doing.


I would definitely be interested in a Legion Go minus a screen, replaced with AR glasses.

My biggest concern would be the quality of the AR glasses.

The USB-C port would still be able to connect to a monitor if wanted.

Please share your thoughts and ideas.

  • As I was about to write my comment here, I thought of the eventuality when a device has problems that need troubleshooting. For a PC Gaming Handheld, having the built-in screen is actually handy to help investigate any issues with the OS, drivers, or a conflicting app, etc., whereas the AR glasses might lose connectivity / functionality once the handset / controllers fail. After writing this and editing it once or twice, I'm unsure I'd get a gaming console without a display panel. I guess it would depend on how easy and convenient it is to repair / resolve if I can't do it myself.

  • Great points Jay. Hopefully USB-C monitors continue to mature.

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    I will have to search for the videos you wrote about. They sound much interesting than the article I linked to.

  • Good points Kevin, the Go's screen is a standout feature and from many things I have read the tech does have some improvements to be made.

  • A funny theory, but NO I wouldn't Yum.

    Like now as optional it could be a nice to have, but Ibwouldn't like to miss a normal display as the main way to interact with it...

  • Hahaha, agree in both senses, as a guy who also wears glasses Sweat smileYumThumbsup

  • Just a normal screen is good for me in a small handheld.  I expect AR to have the computer hardware in the goggles themselves today...

  • this would be really cool but i dont think ar glasses have matured enough to be able to pull this off.

  • For a true AR device and experience, I concur that the computer hardware should be in the goggles.

    The “AR” glasses in the link I posted and offered as an accessory for the current Legion Go are nothing more than monitor glasses.

  • I can understand preference for a normal display an having glasses as an optional accessory.

    i would like a portable with all the hardware built into the controller like the one mentioned in the article.What would be neat is having a choice between an attachable screen or the “AR” glasses.