What if the next version of the Legion Go skipped the screen for AR glasses instead; would you buy one?

That it what another company may be doing.


I would definitely be interested in a Legion Go minus a screen, replaced with AR glasses.

My biggest concern would be the quality of the AR glasses.

The USB-C port would still be able to connect to a monitor if wanted.

Please share your thoughts and ideas.

  • Agreed, based on where the latest “AR” glasses are at from a functional and performance level currently. I am hoping that changes in the next six months and with the next models this year.

  • Nope, I would not buy it. I wear glasses so that would make it more cumbersome. I prefer a screen.

  • No. I prefer to play when I'm sitting with family so don't want to look even more disconnected than usual. Plus they quality of AR glasses isn't that good yet

  • Really great point about AR glasses being a more disconnecting technology in social settings.

  • Only when the AR glasses have complete hands control solution to replace the touch screen interface

  • I did not consider the fact you would lose touch control not having a touch screen. Such an obvious thing now that you point it out. Hopefully the built in touchpad(s) will be excellent.

  • No idea, never actually used one or even seen in real life. Dunno about only AR glasses though, I'd still probably want a screen too.

  • I agree. I'm not against a Lenovo adding an AR device into it's Legion lineup... but maybe sold as a separate thing?

  • I really like the idea about mobile gaming over ar glasses. I wouldn't even need the glasses to augment reality, or the whole system I should say. A flat screen project from the glasses where you can control the perceive distance that your viewing from would be perfect. If each eye had it's own focus or they could be built to fit over prescription glasses would be ideal

  • Like a few others have said, I wear glasses, so things like this are more of a headache to deal with. It would also depend on what sort of games would benefit from that sort of display.