Using the Legion Go as a Workstation

Hey all.  New to the Go (as of yesterday), but one of the things that intrigued me about it over the ROG Ally or the Steamdeck is it's ability to be used as a workstation as well.  

Have any of you used it for productivity/work, and if so how was it?  Any recommended peripherals (aside from a keyboard and mouse)?

  • yes, I've been using the Legion Go as a replacement for my laptop for almost 3 months.
    From morning to evening I use it for work in the office, and at night I use it to play games.


    Do you have a picture which makes it clear that all of the I/O are connected to the Legion Go?  Because the display, keyboard, and mouse could be connected to any device.

    Falah's mysterious setupbtw- Why did you change the image on Imgur?  The link on the image above is to this  →

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  • Hello , sorry to make you confuse.
    I just found out that if we can upload images directly from the gallery, I thought
    it should be uploaded first to another platform.

    I'm using a usb hub plugged in via the Legion Go bottom usb port.
    then from the usb hub I plug the charger, HDMI, and also to the monitor stand table (which also functions as an additional USB hub at the front)
    Here I upload the picture again, I hope this time it is clearer and does not confuse you.

  • Definitely going to need an external monitor (or two) for productivity purposes. Runs everything super smooth.


    Cool!  That's much better.

    Actually... what's with the REPUBLIC OF GAMERS watermarks on those images?  Is it a Legion Go?  Or a ROG Ally?  Are those images from an official website?

    I emphasized their locations with ellipses (click to enlarge/zoom):

  • Hi  ,

    that's very cool! Especially this special stand including the connectors I've never seen before! Could you do me the favour and share a link to it if you got it frim an online shop? Open mouth

  • Research USB-C monitors. It is important to find one that will meet all of your needs!

  • One of the reasons I purchased it. I am browsing and listening to music, but I have used it for audio editing and python programing w/WSL.  I am using a Dell thunderbolt dock. 

  • Hello, I have a Thunderbolt 4 HP docking station, and it works very well with the Legion Go. I did some test on Capture One and Photoshop to compare it's capabilities versus my PC (Ryzen 5600 and Radeon 6700XT) and the results are quite impressive.

    I really recommend to use a Thunderbolt 4 dock, as you have with only one cable the power, display output m, Ethernet and a lot of USB connection (2 USB 10Gbps are supported in Thunderbolt 4).

    Edit : I have this model

  • You can definitely do that. Just get a good dock so you can attach as many stuff to it as you want.