Using the Legion Go as a Workstation

Hey all.  New to the Go (as of yesterday), but one of the things that intrigued me about it over the ROG Ally or the Steamdeck is it's ability to be used as a workstation as well.  

Have any of you used it for productivity/work, and if so how was it?  Any recommended peripherals (aside from a keyboard and mouse)?

  • I appreciate all the responses folks! I have my eye on a couple of Thunderbolt 4 docks, but does anyone have one/some they recommend?

  • The HP G4 I have is very good. I like the form factor. You can look at the spec on the web, but I believe it has everything the Legion Go needs.

    I bought it used at 50€ (60$) which, I think, a very fait price. I believe it is far superior from the cheap "steam deck dock" you can find on Amazon.

  • All of these companies just need to make full featured docks for their handhelds in the same vein as docks for laptops. That is, there should be a docking port standard of sorts and it should be built into the handhelds. It should be high bandwidth and able to accomodate e.g. eGPUs. I mean, at that point "handheld" is just another form factor alongside tablet and laptop for all intents and purposes (except that most tablets aren't x86). Throw in keyboard cases and the like, and I don't see why handhelds couldn't move beyond niche gaming products to mainstream devices. 

    But yeah, workstation-type productivity is not really pragmatic as things are. But a nice setup (including desk and chair) could be nice for every day use, youtube/whatever.

  • I've used it for work before the only real difference between the Go and my laptop is the need for a docking station. The Go only has 2 ports so I need a docking station for my Keyboard, mouse, headset, and monitor. 


    I capture that images using my ROG Phone, so the watermark comes from my phone.
    sorry to make you confuse.

    thanks bro,
    I accidentally found it. I intended to buy a monitor stand to get a better viewing position for my external monitor, but accidentally an ads for this item appeared on my timeline.
    I bought it for only Rp 275.000,- (around 18USD) at the local marketplace.
    But I'm afraid that my link cannot be useful to you, so maybe you can search it using its product name.
    its name is Rexus FP-03 Trant.

    I hope this can helps.

  • Hi thanks a lot!

    Yes, I am not able to look into the link, but would need to install the app and/or register for the online app. 

    Thanks a lot for the Product name though! I'll search for it and look it up then.

    If you are paying in Rupees (or how it is properly written, sorry Sweat smile), is it an Indian currency?

    I'm also not in the US, but will have to look it up in European/German ressources/online shops, and see if it is available at all for those markets, and will let you know WinkThumbsup.

    Beeing at that price point I expect it to only have 2.0 (or more likely 3.0 USB speeds) and not super high  monitor refresh rate speeds (more then 60 Hz), but that's just a guessing. Hopefully I'm surprised by it having better values then I think, or otherwise I'll look for similiar alternatives.

    -> It is the data of each single connector I'm interested in. (Which should be possibly good)

  • sorry, Rp is Rupiah, Indonesian currency.
    maybe commonly better known as IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
    that price is only for the monitor stand, and it has 4 USB 3.0 ports.

    and for the monitor, I bought it for about 100USD, brand name is Zeuslap ; 16inch, 1200p, 60hz.

  • Hi Falah,

    ah, Indonesian currency, thank you for your explaining WinkThumbsup

    And thanks for letting me know! 4 USB 3.0 ports for that price is really good! Will be more expensive for shore in Germany for comparable hardware..

    I understood that, what I meant is the hertz/maximum FPS the port/ USB connector used for monitor/Display connection has...

    -> So I need to look that up, how much USB 3.0 port supports as maximum... Not shore it can go up to 120/144/165 Hertz.

  • I actually use a ThinkPad dock for it. Works flawlessly with dual monitor set up