SSD Upgrade for Legion Go

What is the best 2tb ssd for Legion Go at a good price?

  • I got a Samsung 980 Pro 2 tb SSD a while back for about $120 and it’s great. Really fast and reliable. 

  • Western Digital Black is pretty fast, reliable and not that expensive for an SSD.

  • Western Digital offers fast, reliable SSDs at a fair price

  • The Legion Go can only accept ssd size 2242 so it means that it cannot accept the Samsung 980 Pro. Your only options would be with Sabrent for their 2242 2tb ssd which is recommended because of their low power draw but that’s expensive. Another cheaper option would be micro centers ssd or to go with brands you haven’t heard of because the 2242 size is not popular.

  • I usually go with WD. I've had the best luck with their SSDs.

  • I've always like SanDisk or Samsung 

  • Hi  

    Corsair is not the one with the best price, but from what I saw in speeds and especially in temperature the best option you can have.


    -> If you want to save money I would definetly recommend you first of all to choose a 2230 format ssd (which is smaller then the original 2242) with a cheap (between 5 and 10 bucks) extender bracket you can find in each bigger online-store (Amazon, Ali-Express...), as so far I've seen 2242 doesn't offer faster speeds at all (didn't check the newest models - made the comparison a few months ago, as I upgraded mine to the Corsair 2230 one).

    -> The bracket is supereasy to be used and just extends the length of the ssd to be fixed at the same position of the 2242 screw (hole).

    -> 2230 ssds are cheaper, as they have the most common ssd size format so far, also being used by the Steam Deck, and many other handhelds.

    With that standard you will have the biggest choice and clearly cheaper prices at comparable/same speeds.


    As a brand, even if you want to save money, don't go with totally unknown brands as a recommandation, at the lower price end I would recommend Sabrent, Speedshark, and if you are lucky and find good offers you can even go with Crucial, Corsair, SanDisk/Western Digital (same company now), Samsung (if there are any from them in this size factor by now, there weren't any last time I searched for them.


    Don't go with Visiontek (or how they are called) from Microcenter, as they tend to overheat, or at least get really, really hot in comparison to almost all other brands. We were comparing temperatures of ssds at the beginning (shortly after the Go came out) and they were always by far the hottest...


    Or, if you like to mod, and want to go even cheaper, you could get one of the many custom, 3D printed backplates (also available in chinese origin stores like Ali-Express, Temu,..., maybe by now also on Amazon, or other western origin stores...) having space for the standard (and even better and cheaper) 2280 ssds also being used in PCs, which can get even faster, but can also consume a bit more battery as I heard (something to keep in mind for a handheld which already consumes a lot of battery with AAA games).


    -> Those 2280 ssds are being connected with an adapter which costs around 5% to 10% of the original maximum speed, but I've heard with pcie 4 they can still reach up to 7000 MB/S read speed.


    22 by the way is the standard, the number behind is the lenght in mm (millimeters), a 2280 being 80 mm = 8 cm long2230 and 2240 (last time I checked) reach up to a maximum of 5000 to 5500 read speeds (write speeds mostly being around 500 to 1000 MB/S lower).


    22 by the way is the standard, the number behind is the lenght in mm (millimeters), a 2280 being 80 mm = 8 cm long

    -> I know that doesn't help you in the us, not having a metric system, I just find it to be interesting and for us in Europe it also can be really helpful in recognizing them by their size Wink.

  • I have to say that ever since the update with the fan curve was released my Go has been blowing out warm air instead of hot. I took a chance on the Visiontech and haven't had any issues at all with heat and the fan curve update also brought the temp down a little more. I think the initial cards that Visiontech produced had some flaws and I bought one from a new batch/lot at the time. Also, I got the Visiontech because then this way I wouldn't have to use the adapter to install a smaller card because the initial size of that the Go uses is 2242. Good luck with the choosing process! I'm sure whatever ssd you choose will be fine though.

  • I'm glad that this kind of storage upgrade is a possibility with the Go - thanks all for the recommendations as well!

  • This is the model I bought for my SteamDeck, then moved it over to the Go. It works great and I ended up getting it on sale for 140.00. I work in IT and many of our Dell computers would come with these and they are solid drives. I have a link to Amazon but I purchased mine from Newegg. I bought this adapter to make it 2242 and just fit everything in the old sleeve.