Abandoned the Go?

Hello, I have the Legion Go, the Ally, and the GPD WIN MAX 2, and the Lenovo thing is a shame, I have the Lenovo all officially updated and it is the only one that while playing suddenly gives me blue screens, the custom TDP does not work well , fan customization doesn't work, you can only tell if the console is already charged by turning it on because the charging light only comes on with the console on.
I have been putting up with it for a long time seeing how many of you are thankful because a man comes out on Fridays promising updates that are not fulfilled or take months to arrive, the console is practically the same as at the beginning, if you do not leave the modes balanced efficiency-performance everything will be fine, but beyond that everything works poorly. Now the blue screens have increased and the updates still don't arrive or you have to guess where they are. The performance monitor is always at the top left without being able to move it, it is outdated software that does not change over the months.
Ally is perfect because it had constant updates, GPD with a simple "Motion assist" application controls everything perfectly, however at Lenovo they only make promises but their developers are not able to make the charging light turn on when charging and turn off when finished, I set the TDP to 5 and it goes to 30, The gyroscope is sad, now blue screens. Are they really working or don't they know how to do the job? We are in March and only nice words.
Please, even if they are minor updates, make them progress and show that you are working with Go because it gives the impression that it is abandoned.

  • I don't fully understand as I have not had issues with the device other than some long BIOS update times. Personally feel like it is at a very good spot overall. It has been performing amazingly for me with being able to play almost every game at 1200P. This is new territory for everyone even the new Steamdeck oled had issues when they had a year and a half of practice. I have had no blue screens but remember you are running Windows OS and the Windows updates are the culprit 90% or more of the time. This can be frustrating but you can try running, "sfc /scannow" and "Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth" through the command prompt. This will check your Windows files and repair any that are corrupt. If you haven't got it yet install the newest Beta Bios. My TDP has been working great after the recent Beta Bios getting 4-5+ hours with custom TDPs. I have the chat link below.
    RE: v29.1 Beta BIOS (Addresses TDP) 

    I think many people are thankful they have an idea of what to expect from Lenovo. It's not pure silence until an update is released. We know they are working on the issues we are having. I would prefer a slower update that works than rushing it and other things failing. Remember when the ROG Ally had issues they wouldn't even acknowledge them. It took months of SD cards frying before they said something official. Lenovo has been working directly with the community since the start.

  • I've only had an additional portable computer, which I sold, the Steam Deck.

    And it was riddled with issues that took forever for Valve to get under control, maybe about a year(?)

    In fact, after the platform was stable and they released the firmware that unified the OLED with the LCD, they broke the docked experience to the point you only got 1/2 the FPS of the refresh rate of your monitor or TV. It has been broken since the end of 2023 and has remained broken even there are possible hundreds of complaints over the official forums and reedit. I opened 2 tickets and was told that they will resolve the issue once it was identified, but there was no estimated for a fix. I got tired and sold it.

    Based on my experience with the Steam Deck, I feel Lenovo has been blazing fast in providing support.

    And I do appreciate the development team being able to provide updates, whatever they are, on Friday's, that's a level of engagement I've not seen ever.

    In terms of the blue screens, is a laptop, maybe you've installed "something" that broke "something" else, do windows restore, I had to do it, because I followed a dumb video in YouTube to get "better performance" and ended up making windows barely usable. That happened on my second day with the device, since then, it has been solid.

    If you still have issues, you're under warranty... send it back for repair.

    I can tell you that after the initial snags on release (based on poor initial reviews) I had a hard time finding one in my local BestBuy, had to drive 40 minutes to the next closest store. I think they are becoming more popular, and will only get better as time goes by. I've had mine for maybe 1 month, and as I said, for me it worked great, better than the deck.

    Not trying to be rude, but if you don't think is not the portable console for you, same as I did with the steam deck (was not for me) ... at least you have 2 other devices you think are better, go for them, and get some money back in Ebay, I'm sure someone would love to snag the Legion Go out of your hands Slight smile

  • I don't like them more or less, they are fine, better and without problems, (I would never compare the Deck with these with Windows), I don't know why they compare them.

    If I don't want to manipulate TDP etc, it works fine (apart from the screenshots without having installed strange things), and apart from the fact that the battery lasts nothing, I didn't install the beta because I installed everything officially and stable, if the beta is going so well What are you waiting for to officially publish it? It's been announced for a while, I just think that if they really wanted to or knew how to do it it would already be done, and I mean everything.

    The charging light thing, for example, is for newbies and Lenovo should not act like a newbie. The Legion has been on the market for almost 5 months, it didn't come out yesterday.

    The screenshots are from when I installed Bios V29 through Windows practically without realizing it, why now windows update? It seems like a disaster to me.

    I believe that with updates of what they have, it is seen that they are working, even if they are small, but they are visible and the console is improving, I understand Ben's good faith and my criticisms are not of Ben, if he does not have the means or resources it is by Lenovo and not by Ben, but my console does not improve with words, but with actions.

    At the moment I'm not going to give anyone the joy of giving it a miss, but I'm not going to recommend it either.

  • I sold my Steam Deck to get an Ally! I sold the Ally to buy a Lenovo Legion Go and I do not regret it nor do I think that it is abandoned. On the contrary: I think the Lenovo Legion Go has a lot ot offer and while there are still some things left to be desired and may take some time to arrive, the device is more than serviceable to me and spots some realy nice features.

    I am sorry to hear that you experience bluescreens. I never had one with my Legion Go so I am afraid, I can not help you. Most times I had bluescreens on other devices it was due to third party software or overclocking. There are software solutions that might help you find out, if this is the case with your unit.

    Some other cons you mention are not that important to me. It`s true, you could move the overlay on the ally, but I never found it really helpful anyway -> MSI Afterburner in Combination with have always appealed to me more, for example. Yes, the powersettings will need some finetuning, but it really does not hinder me from having a good time. Personally I`d love to have a more versatile button customisation on the Legion Go, but I guess I`ll have to wait some more and in no case this will make me go back to the Ally or to any other device.

    So far so good. Now for some criticism on behalf of you post. Senteces like:

    I have been putting up with it for a long time seeing how many of you are thankful because a man comes out on Fridays promising updates that are not fulfilled or take months to arrive,

    make me wonder If you just came here to contibute constrictive feedback, or to incite against a good man who tries to communicate as openly as he can?! If the latter case I beg you to check your rhetoric, as one thing that makes the Lenovo Legion Go great is a wonderful, friendly, helpful an polite community.

    All the best


  • I agree with almost everything, I also have a good time with the Go, but the size is what makes me not sell it.

    It's true, it has to improve although I feel like it won't completely, that's my impression based on the pace they're doing. I hope I'm wrong. I know Lenovo a little.

    If you read everything I wrote, you will see that I am not trying to criticize Ben Mayers (who is the intermediary) but rather Lenovo, for which I have every right in the world after having spent €800 on a half-finished machine. I put it on balanced and play and that's it, but now with Bios V29 not even that. I'm waiting for 29.1 to see if the blue screens are removed and if not, I'll look at other solutions. Beta no, thanks.

  • The Go does lack proper software that the other 2 have. There really should be a charging light option in the settings to be turned on or off. The button remapping is too basic and can’t be used on a per game basis and will need to be changed every time you play another game you remapped.

    the TDP has been slightly addressed in the newest bios beta. It does work. But sometimes you need to play the game for several minutes before the TDP decides to do its job. I don’t seem to have that issue anymore and leave it at 30w with custom curve and whatever game I’m playing it will fluctuate to use whatever power is needed. 

    as far as blue screening it could be your windows install. It’s just a guess at best tho. You would have to investigate windows error logs and see what they say.

  • you're not making an sense bro.