Can I stream games from my PC to my Legion Go?

Can it be possible?

  • Using steam yes. You will probably need alternative program if you want to stream a game that is not using steam

  • Yes, I am currently using my legion go with Moonlight with a Sunshine server on my gaming PC with an R9 3900X/RTX3080 TI at native resolution @ 90Hz.
    It's working really great for me and you can use pretty much any game with it. Although, you need a good wifi network setup and connection if you want to game stream using your wifi network.
    Your host PC need to be connected by an Ethernet cable to your network for best performance/latency.
    There are lot of guides for setting up a sunshine server on a PC on youtube if your are interested in.


  • Yes the Legion Go supports Cloud gaming such as Game. Pass.

    if you have additional questions feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to help you get set up

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    So this allows you to get a lot better performance playing games on the Le Go vs playing games that are on it?

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    Yes, and the Legion Go get a lot more battery life if you set lower tdp which don't interfere with the streaming. I use mine at 8w tdp and it's fine.

    I use my legion go on my living room TV too, wich is 4K120Hz so, I hook my legion go to my TV and stream my game on it with a resolution of 4k@90Hz.

    I can probably stream at 2560x1600@144Hz (Legion Go max resolution) or 4k@120Hz (my TV's max resolution) too but I have a display port dummy on my pc which support only 1080p@60Hz so I have a custom resolution on the Nvidia control panel but I can't go greater than 90Hz for some reason ... I think, If I have 144Hz capable monitor it wiil probably work at 144Hz but, anyway, 90Hz is already cool when streaming.

    And the reason why I use a dummy displayport donlge is because, my gaming pc is in the basement without monitor hooked to it, and I exclusively use it trough moonlight (for gaming) or RDP (for dev), I also have a PiKVM on it in case, bad thing happen to debug without being in the OS.

    So my legion go is kind of thin and light client but can also be used for gaming/pc usage when needed (for traveling without having good connection for exemple).

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    Thank you for the detailed response. I found some of the youtube videos for Moonlight and Sunshine. I think this makes the handheld a lot more enticing.