Has anyone tried Linux on the Lenovo Legion Go? If so how is it?

I was always curious how Linux ran on Lenovo Legion since I haven't seen any videos.

  • Hi  ,

    I posted a thread exactly about this a few posts before and there have been several posts before by  , and more people. Feel free to add questions into the one I posted, and I will answer you there, as I don't want to rewrite everything sincerely Wink.

    You can find it following this link:


    Overall I can say it depends on what you want, what you expect, and which distro you are using, but you will not get a 100% compatibility for every feature of the Go yet.

    -> I summed up my experience so far at the end of my post, but I still need to learn a lot more about Linux.

  • Nice to know that Linux can work on the GO.   Though I myself an not a Linux expert; always wanted to check it out more.

  • I don't own a Go yet and can't afford it.   I am just curious why would you want to replace the software in it with them so new?  Is there a reason or is it just curiosity?   


    That's the nice thing about it, you don't need to replace it, you can just create a dual boot allowing you to choose between booting into Windows, or into Linux.

    And one of the clear advantages of linux are that it uses up way less RAM memory and also (seems as far as I had the feeling) runs more efficient, and less power and electricity needing processes in the background. On the other hand with Windows you have the best software support in general and can run every game, whereas for Linux a few you can't run at all for now, and a few can still have issues.

    So why not trying to unite best of both worlds and start up the OS which best suits for each current use case? Wink That is what having a dual boot setup allows you to do WinkThumbsup

  • Windows isn't the end all be all.  It's tablet interface isn't the best, but I can understand wanting to run a steam deck-like OS.

  • Curious about this as well. I feel like it could be viable, but probably more work to get the setup running as opposed to Windows OS.

  • Again depends, as  recommended, downloading a Linux distro (type/sort/flavour) and flashing it onto a USB stick with a software like Balena Etcher, and trying it out booting from it (having set the Go to start of USB-Sticks in the BIOS, or selectingbit in the boot selection menu) is a fast and really easy thing to do. It doesn't affect your Windows installation at all.


    As Tony I would recommend "Bazzite" for it's ease of use, stability, and also for it's direct full gamepad support for the Legion Go.


    And if you like it you can still install it onto an own partition and choose which system to boot (Windows Bazzite Linux) at startup.

  • Why would you want to run Linux over windows. Get a steam deck 

  • Having a Go would be cool

  • After daily driving Linux it's hard to go back to Windows. The only things Windows does well is running games. It's funny how disjointed Windows is compared to most modern operating systems like Linux, Android, IOS, etc.