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I recently bought a L5 with RTX 2060 and R7 4800H and as I was playing games I noticed that I just get 40-45 fps on HITMAN 3 while other people online get 80+ FPS with same or lower laptops. Also there are frame drops with games like GTA V. I want to know what I am doing wrong with my laptop/ GPU usage…
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So I am hoping that I have chosen the right group to post this to. When I purchased my Legion 5 17in Laptop, I was told by the support rep, that upgrading any hardware would void my warranty... Now, as gamers, we all know that upgrading hardware is a must, as we all strive for better faster FPS and…
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So it's been 8 years since Lenovo bought Motorola and I feel that gives them the ability to use existing IP to release a competitor to the ROG phones or even the RedMagic Phones. There was a time Motorola was at the top of the industry with cool factor so they clearly have some ideas. What are the odds…
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Community exclusive! Looking to pick up our new Legion 5 / Legion Slim 7 laptops for 2021? Keep an eye on this site and in our Discord server over the next week - we'll be giving you the first heads up for the first drop And if you're looking for another 5 Pro drop... you might also want to keep…
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