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Lenovo Vantage notifications … unattracting
Lenovo Vantage notifications, which always follow something related to warranty or pc-check up, I find them really annoying. It can really ruin my experience, and make my device feel “bloated….” While I know they can easily be avoided, and are rarely shown, the times they are, it just feels like they…
Matt N.
Latest 5 days ago
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When is the best time to buy a lenovo laptop?
I've been a lenovo fan since i got my first gaming laptop back in 2018, went from Legion Y720 to Legion S7 and now with plans of buying the Legion 9i. 2 months ago, there was a sale that brought down the price of the L9 to 2.8k with all available discounts($100 newsletter, ID.me, promocode) Now the lowest…
James H.
Latest 5 days ago
7 replies
What's the Difference Between Legion Pro 5 and Pro 5i?
Hi y'all, I was just curious about Legion's naming. I bought a Legion Pro 5, and when I went to Lenovo's laptop description page, it redirected me to Legion Pro 5i page. Is the difference just the naming, or is there a technical difference that I do not know? Btw, it is Gen 8. Thanks!
Latest 5 days ago
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How do you feel Legion laptops compare to other manufacturers?
I have always been an ASUS ROG fan. My current laptop is 12 years old from them and still is usable. I have an ROG Ally that I use for most of my pc gaming now. My girlfriend bought a legion laptop under my recommendation because I have lost trust in ASUS following the Ally debacle. I am going to be…
Alejandro B.
Latest 5 days ago
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Your next laptop - are there too many choices?
Hey Friends, I just got back from DreamHack Dallas and one of the areas I frequented a lot was the Intel space. There were loads of different laptop brands to choose from but only one from Lenovo - a Legion 7i. I've been eyeballing getting a new Legion 9i gen 9. I am a developer by day and a game dev…
Eileen P.
Latest 6 days ago
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Docking Station
I am looking at new gaming laptops and on the business side have really become partial to Lenovo Thinkpads. Given the quality and value I've seen with those, I'm inclined to get a Legion over something like Alienware, ASUS, etc. Just wondering though if anyone knows of a solid docking solution for the…
Started 6 days ago
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Do You Own A Legion, What are some Pros and Cons?
I am having a lot of FOMO and need an upgrade very soon. For those of you have have owned or currently owned a Legion what are some of your Pros and Cons? What other models did you consider before your purchase?
Trent Silvestri
Latest 8 days ago
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Upgrading Legion Tower Ram
Has anyone successfully upgraded their system's ram? I'd love to put some G.skill DDR5 in my Legion Tower 7 (34IAZ7) but online posts are not encouraging about using XMP ram with these systems. The PSREF seems to indicate that 4800 is the cap on timing but that's only because that was the max available…
Sam C.
Latest 14 days ago
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Are Laptop Coolers Actually Worth It?
Hi everyone! Does laptop coolers actually work, and are they worth their price? Or am I just better off with four erasers supporting the bottom of laptop to increase air flow(when using external keyboard and mouse)? Thanks!
J A.
Latest 14 days ago
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Referral Link Doesn't Work, Any Solutions?
Hi everyone, My friend is considering buying a new LOQ laptop, and since he is not a past Lenovo user, he didn't have an account. I gave him my referral link, and he signed up through it. When he clicked the "Join Now" button, a message " No social post with the given code is in our system: [last…
Wonwoo D.
Latest 14 days ago
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