Has anyone tried the trade-in program? I am having issues...

I am looking to get a new laptop and was thinking of trading in my RTX 3060 legion 5.

When I try to go through the trade in process, it allows me to fill out the form until the "processor" drop down.

I select my processor ( I also tried with every other processor) and that's all, it wont let me use the HDD, memory or SSD forms and just tells me it is worth 0 dollars. 

Has anyone used this successfully?

  • Same issue, I was curious about how much value I could get out of my legion laptop should I ever choose to upgrade/if it would be enough to help with that. I could only enter very limited specs and the value ended up being far too low of course to even consider. I emailed Lenovo’s trade in email about this and they said they were updating the page to include more assets/specs. They said until then they could not do a custom quote either. This was back in October last year, seems to still be the same even now.

     Hopefully something changes soon, this would be a convenient way to go about it if it worked.

  • My recommendation is to sell it somewhere else, you'll get more money that way compared to any trade-in program. I had a Lenovo Legion 5 with GTX 1660ti and Gen 10 intel i7 and the most any trade-in program offered was like $100. I sold it for $600 on Market Place. 

  • I tried but it was so limited. So I gave my monitors away to charity. They still worked just fine.

  • Traded in my Y740 last month and the online tool was definitely clunky. Felt like whack-a-mole trying to enter my specs. Luckily, I got a rep on chat who helped straighten things out. They mentioned the program is getting an overhaul soon, but immediateedgeapp.org does a pretty good job estimating trade-in value in the meantime. In my experience, selling privately usually fetches a higher price, but it can be a hassle.  What do you guys think? Worth the convenience or hold out for a better online quote?