How do you find time to continue playing when you are in school and start a full-time job? I am having FOMO

I am just curious, how do you make time to relax and play when you are in school and work full-time? I am struggle to find any free time lately and miss playing with my friends. I am having serious FOMO. I so tired by the end of the day if I start playing I end up staying up so late that I am worthless and struggling the next day.  I have to find time to do the things I enjoy doing but lately it has been a struggle. For those of you in the same boat, how do you balance it all and still find time to study?

  • I have a part time job only and I don’t feel like it have enough time to play any games because I wake up pretty late go to my job that varies whether I get day or night shift, then feel too exhausted after work or I have to get ready to go to sleep.

  • You have to work it into your routine.   My wife and I have time set aside mornings, after bible study, and evenings after the kids are in their rooms for the night.

  • I'm sure you can squeeze an hour in between work and school or play during breakfast, lunch, dinner finger foods help. A portable system like a Legion Go, or Nintendo Switch will make squeezing in games. Ask your friends you play with coordinate with you to play with them.

    School is important so you can run your own business, or have a better job where you can have better pay and work hours so you can play more games in the future.

  • You make time, if it's worth it, and that often means sacrificing something else. 

    There can be wasted leisure time as well. Try to view a game or piece of content as an experience and leisure as having a certain value, and balance those with other priorities. It may mean consciously choosing "I'm going to not do this so I can play that, and I'm not going to play those other things because X and Y are more important and I already played the first thing". That's just life, balancing priorities, but it helps to mindfully consider that each use of time has its' worth, and not to dismiss one catetogry or another, or just say "I'll devote X hours to work..." and have no plan for the rest. 

  • Time management, create a schedule an set fee times, that might get you time to play and relax from working or schooling. 

  • I definitely play less than I did when I was younger. I make plans with friends to play online so that I can't just say to myself that I am too tired! 

  • Unfortunately, as additional responsibilities accrue - School, Work, Family time is harder to come by for gaming. I enjoy getting in some sessions on weekends or evenings after other responsibilities are taken care of, or sometimes play a game with my kids as a social activity. Trying to arrange time to play games with people outside the home is much harder, so having a schedule helps. In my experience at this point in life I find I'm only able to meet up with friends for a game once every couple of weeks instead of what it used to be where I could pretty much play games with them every day for some period of time. It also means that I have to curate what games I'm going to play somewhat and have come to value games where I can get through them in a couple of sessions rather than 100's of hours for a playthrough.

    TLDR - for me it is a matter of balancing priorities and games and fitting those into my adult life schedule of family, church, work, and school. I can certainly understand some measure of FOMO, but it becomes easier as friends also move into adult life and responsibilities.

  • 100% this. Sometimes peer pressure is good!

    It's really easy to convince yourself you are too tired when you need to organize and pick a game. Having a regular time and game forces you to have a better reason than 'I am le tired" if you are going bail.

  • You have to first accept that you can't play as much as you used to. Then I suggest that you talk amongst all your friends and set aside one day a week when you can all spare around 2 hours of free time. This way you can work in game time to your weekly schedule. It's a great way to keep in touch with your friends without interfering with the real world.