Anyone having troubles on games with the new BIOS update for Legion 5i Pro?

Greetings I was wondering if someone else is having troubles while gaming after the BIOS Update Utility - 11 - KWCN44WW? I am currently playing the Witcher 3 on my Legion 5i Pro and after the update the game minimizes by itself so I have to click on the icon to resume the game, also it already crashed couple times.

  • I haven't had any issues with any games yet but I haven't played The Witcher 3 since my second playthrough when it was updated for next gen a while back. There were issues with that patch that were performance related but were mostly resolved after a couple of updates after the initial one. The update was to bring the game up to par with the latest graphical options for the newer graphics cards. Have you tried other games after the new BIOS update to make sure it is not The Witcher 3?  If so, you can go to wiki pc gaming to see if it is a common issue and if there is a fix for it. I still have Witcher 3 on one of my external SSDs so if I get a chance I will test to see if I have the same issue. I won't have much time to do an extended playthrough the next week or so but as soon as I do I will try to get back to you with any input. Also, the first thing I do when a game is running weirdly is turning off the overlay especially on Steam. Not using the overlay has remedied.issues with numerous games over the years. Some games or one of their updates don't play nice with the overlay at times but pc gaming wiki should have it posted if it does.  

  • I had this issue prior to the update, on my 5i Pro. Mine was during game play through Steam on NMS and it was caused by Windows update notification in the background. So hopefully it's the same for you that it's just notification pop ups or a background app that resolves itself sooner than later. I'll keep an eye on mine this weekend and see if it does it too.

  • Me personally, i havent in encountered any issues with he newest update

  • No issues here yet on a 8th gen 5i pro. I’ll have to try Witcher 3 and see if I have issues. 

  • Generally no. But I would check your system settings after a bios update just in case to make sure performance isn't due to anything that got reset.