Do You Own A Legion, What are some Pros and Cons?

I am having a lot of FOMO and need an upgrade very soon. For those of you have have owned or currently owned a Legion what are some of your Pros and Cons? What other models did you consider before your purchase? 

  • I have a Legion 7i, just over 3 years old at this point. Its still going strong with great build quality, generally pretty slim, and good cooling with easy on the fly power setting adjustments. Haven't had any major issues with it. If you turn off RGB is goes under the radar and I use mine in a professional setting, which is a must have for any gaming laptop IMO.

    Biggest cons are probably the price, big power brick. You can get similar specs from more budget oriented brands for cheaper, but they have worse build quality, worse screens, worse cooling, and worse keyboards. My ver does not have usb-c charging (generally makes sense for gaming, but would be useful to have the feature when traveling and not gaming).

  • I bought a 5i Pro in January, upgrading my Asus ROG laptop from 2012.....definite FOMO moments.

    That being said, I loved the ROG because it handled everything I needed it to handle up until say 3 years ago, but I also didn't game extensively on new AAA games.  The last AAA I forced it to play was AC Unity and it still managed to squeak it out.  Fast forward to this updated laptop, and I can see so many more details that I've missed in games.  Aside from graphics and sound the biggest difference and better selling point to me is like Jeremy said, the "professional" look.  It's not flashy but also not completely bland, it's much lighter weight than any of the other gaming laptops I've picked up in stores aside from high priced ones.  The Vantage software makes on the fly adjustments nice.

    The only thing I miss and didn't notice prior to purchase was the lack of SD or microSD card reader slot.  Probably not a huge deal for most, but for me and photos it's just one extra port to need to add on the desk.

  • Thank you for your response. Yes, the price is why I have not yet purchased it. 

  • Don't own one yet, but they look great. I like the look of the display.

  • I own a Lenovo Legion Y720. It was one of the first affordable laptops that used Thunderbolt. I still use it daily for productivity. It's built like a tank. Highly recommended!

  • I own a Yoga, and a few other Lenovo products. All have performed in an exemplary fashion. Thumbs up.

  • I have a yoga. So far has preformed well for being a lightweight device 

  • I’m the IT person in my household, my sister broke her HP foldable laptop so we bought a Lenovo Flex 5i from Costco. It was miles better than her HP in terms of specs, screen, and overall usability and both laptops were affordable. Only thing is that the Lenovo runs hotter.

  • I got a Legion5i because i thought I'd be traveling more and wanted a laptop to game while away from my desktop. It's been hanging out unused most of the time but i do use it to play more modern games.

  • Legion with a 4070. The screen is 240hz qhd and is amazing. Nothing but great things about these laptops. If you get then on sale that are the same price as cheaper built acers. I strongly recommend!