Overheating issues


I have a Y540 laptop that I have constant overheating issues with. I only have 3 games installed, World of Warships, World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz. I understand that the higher graphics use a lot of power, but my son tells me this thing should easily handle these games and a lot more. I constantly use Disk Cleanup and regularly compressed air clean the cooling fan intakes, so I am a bit puzzled. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • If the GPU is remaining below 86C and the CPU isn’t going over 95C (primarily staying in the 80s and sometimes low 90s under load in game) while still maintaining peak performance, you should be fine. You could use MSI Afterburner or hardware info 64 to monitor this. But if the laptop is thermal throttling, you might need to actually open the bottom panel to clean inside if you haven’t already. If even that doesn’t work to keep thermals in check, it may also need new thermal paste applied. A laptop cooling pad could also be another consideration.

  • If dust is the issue, cleaning from the outside won't be enough. You might find a disassembly video on youtube for your exact computer.

    The frame rate is one of the biggest heat builders, try setting it to 60fps. Rivatuner is great for limiting frame rate, it's compatible with a lot of games.

    Vsync may help a lot with heat, try turning that on.

    Mcafee and Norton also tend to cause heat buildup, try uninstalling those and make sure you update Windows Defender daily.