New laptop stickers: Keep or remove?

Just got my very first Legion laptop and was told "don't forget to remove the stickers!".  That was their preference but I've never removed the stickers (Nvidia, intel, etc..).  What camp are you?  Do you prefer to keep them or remove?

  • I left the stickers on my Legion. I actually kinda like how tacky they look lol.

  • I'd prefer it to be etched or debossed because stickers can cheaper the look or start to peel.

  • I'm a "peeler," and I could never resist the temptation to peel off the stickers. Even if I wanted to leave them on, my fingers would mindlessly wander over and pick at the edges until I was forced to peel them off anyway! Laughing

  • 100% on team remove. If I want stickers there I can find lots of them I would rather see and put them there myself.

  • I like to leave the stickers, I feel like it's part of the laptop.

  • Remove, but only if they are the kind that won't leave behind a bunch of sticky residue. Also sometimes add stickers of my own.

  • I usually remove them and find stickers on Redbubble to replace them. I rather look at something I enjoy than just a tag for a brand. 

  • I'm a leaver. Always liked the way they looked. 

  • I prefer to keep the original stickers on!

  • IMO leaving stickers in the laptops looks cool in general. Not only legion, but in all laptops (and PCs).