Unable to locate primary M.2 SSD 28IMB05 90NC000PUS

So this is odd, I've been building and maintaining pc's for a while, but haven't had much m.2 experience.  My son's PC, 20IMB05 part 90NC000PUS doesn't seem to have a 2280 m.2 installed.  It really looks like it's a half-length nvme card with Lenovo heat sinks on top.  Is this possible, and can i remove it and install a standard length 2280 m.2 in the secondary slot and use as primary ssd?  The OEM storage is 512GB and he's quickly approaching that amount.  Seems to have really slowed down the PC and causes gaming issues, specifically on RocketLeague.  Pauses, hangs and finally BSOD.  Did a full reinstall of Windows last night, and it's still lagging and getting BSOD.  Not sure what else to do except maybe install a 1 or 2TB m.2 in the second slot.  Every online configurator like on crucial or kingston sites say to use a 2280, which of course, is not what's installed as primary.  

Also, is there a part number for a 2.5 SSD adapter to fit into one of the two HD trays?  

Thanks all!

  • Sorry, it's a 28IMB05 90NC000PUS