When is the best time to buy a lenovo laptop?

I've been a lenovo fan since i got my first gaming laptop back in 2018, went from Legion Y720 to Legion S7 and now with plans of buying the Legion 9i. 2 months ago, there was a sale that brought down the price of the L9 to 2.8k with all available discounts($100 newsletter, ID.me, promocode) Now the lowest I can go with all is 3k pre taxes. What is the best time to buy a lenovo laptop and what do you do to get it for a price you're willing to pay

  • I feel that the end of Summer right before school has some great deals for back to school.

  • I usually check the outlet section anytime they release a new product line. I've gotten some pretty good deals with some laptops about 70+% off. 

  • I would do some research and check local stores, but the best time imo would be at the end of summer or black friday/cyber monday.

  • The best deals tend to happen during Black Friday. Also when a new generation of laptops / Legions come out, the previous gen usually goes on sale for quite a bit cheaper.

  • I bought my legion after some extensive research and 2 weeks of waiting. I got i9 13900hx and rtx 4060 for $1040 after taxes. Do research again and again, look for the price trends, then you'll find the sweet spot. 

  • They are always running sales of 60 - 70% off.

  • I would buy them AFTER Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holidays. There will be a massive amounts of returns and if you don't mind open box, there will be quite some deals to look at.

  • Back to school and Black Friday will have some good sales.

  • When you have extra cash Rofl

  • I think right after Black Friday!! Best buy usually has really good deals :)