Buy or Wait - Legion Tower i7 Gen 8 with 4080 Super

I've been saving money and with the sales on the i7 tower gen 8 4080 super @ $2400 wondering if I should buy now or wait for the 50 series graphics cards.

I am gaming with a 1070 now and want to upgrade but not really in a hurry to spend that money. Stuck out tongue 

But those sales got money burning a hole in my pocket.

Anyone who owns one already wanna give me their experience with it so far.

  • If you're not CPU bound with your usual tasks and games, I'd say wait. I just recently moved to a recent AMD Ryzen 9 laptop, but that was because my i7 6th gen laptop was slowly dying.

  • If current computer handling tasks fine then wait and dont be in a hurry.  That being said 50 series a ways off, much less anything that can properly make good use of it.  So i would not hold off just for them.

  • I'd say wait just abit. 40 series cards will start dropping price once 50 series is loose in the wild.

  • Wait and build up your reward points!

  • Just be prepared to pay a premium for high end 5000 series cards. 

  • I'd say wait, rumor is the 50 series is dropping later this year, but it could get delayed, worst case just buy a better gpu for a couple hundred bucks to hold you off

  • Waiting makes the final result sweeter! Also, the 50 series may be awesome, worth waiting to see. Is there a game you need it for?

  • I personally wouldn’t buy that specific prebuilt due to its proprietary hardware. It will make it much more difficult to upgrade down the line. If you’re dead set on getting a prebuilt I’d look elsewhere personally.

  • If you can wait, the 4080 will drop in price, or you can get the upgrades 60 series when y=they are released.   I always wait until my current PC fails to run what I want to do an upgrade.  Others chase the best and replace much more often.  Depends on your needs/choice.

  • I'd say wait. If the 50 series isn't a big improvement, then you could always pick up something with the 40 series on sale at that point.