X-Rite Color Assistant Issues

I finally took the plunge and purchased the 14" Legion Slim 5 back in December 2023 and have absolutely loved it so far. My only gripe is that the X-Rite Color Assistant has failed to load ever since I first got the laptop. I tried re-installing with no luck. My two main questions are:

  • Has anybody else run into this issue?
  • Is the X-Rite Color Assistance worth keeping around?
  • For my Legion, X-Rite Color Assistant only fails to load if my laptop display is turned off while displaying onto a second external monitor only. 

    I haven't used the app much myself but it lets you select a color profile for the display (Adobe RGB, sRGB, etc.). Not sure how impactful this is, but it might be worth seeing if the issue can be fixed since one of the best parts of the 14" Legion is the OLED display.

  • No problem with mine.