Black Friday v/s Regular store

My friend and I were debating a topic where he said that the Black Friday exclusive items are generally of lower quality compared to regular items?

  • It does seem that way for a  lot of  tech stuff - lower quality or maybe soon to be discontinued items.

  • Hmmmm... Have not heard this. It doe s sound like a good tactic to dump trash on customers. False urgency, great deal, extremely limited time to do research, but when else are you going to get a 4K TV for $80?   I'LL TAKE IT!    Makes sense.

  • I'll tag onto what  has said and also say that I haven't heard about this before. I recommend doing your research far in advance into anything you'd potentially wish to get so you have a better idea going in what to expect. Find when these items usually go on sale, see how far they discount, and go from there. That way if you do decide to partake in any Black Friday sales, you're well informed and ready to make more cost-effective decisions :) 

  • I have heard this before but i dont know the validity of it. I hear it is especially true in terms of TV's and the like. They often come with fewer HDMI connections and have some other features removed to help drive cost down. Again, no clue if it is real, but thats what i hear. 

  • I haven't seen this, but I have seen items getting a price bump and a "Black Friday discount" the day the sale starts to make it seem like you are getting a good deal. The one I remember the best was from Macy's where a blender ended up costing 25% more with their black Friday 50% off discount than it cost literally the day before when it wasn't on sale. 

  • So this is definitely true for some Black Friday exclusive items. They're designed to look similar to the comparative non-exclusive items, but they're actually a different item that may use lower quality parts or contain fewer features. But since they're different items, they'll have slightly different model numbers and UPCs than the "regular item" so they're easy to tell the difference if you know how to check.