Legion Tattoo...

If I get 10000 "Go for its" on here from 10000 different users, I'll get the Legion logo tatted hahaha 

  • You're crazy! But...would be a cool tattoo, so you're not TOO crazy : )

    Do it!

  • You have to post us a snap shot if you do. Def something I want to see.

  • I'll give you a Don't do it

  • haha okay, well you'll get a go for it from me. 

  • Odd, I couldn't reply to this yesterday..... GO FOR IT!!!!

  • Go for it, but remember tattoos are permanent.   Maybe get one with removeable ink? lol

  • It would look pretty cool, but I would do it because you really want it. So, it's a "Don't do it" for me.

  • Go for it!

    But do we even have that many members? Thinking