How to use Legion laptop in living room

I may want to put my previous Legion laptop in the living room and connect it to my new tv to use as my gaming setup or even as a HTPC. I was wondering if the lid of the laptop needs to open all the time for proper airflow and if anyone uses their laptop with lids closed all the time?

  • The laptop being closed is common when being used with an external monitor or TV, as it doesn't have any effect on airflow. That is mainly affected by the bottom and sides of the laptop, make sure those are not blocked.

  • I put my laptop on a stand with a base opening. I have zero issues with temperatures and airflow. I wouldn't just leave it flat on a hard surface if you are intending to use it for long sessions. 

  • I think the inside vents would be a problem if you play games. For normal uses not so much but gaming will make it shut down I think

  • Unless you have a laptop that also intakes air from the keyboard your temps will be basically the same when closed. Even if it does it shouldn’t be cause for any worry. Best thing to do though is prop up the back so that its intake has the best possible air flow. 

  • My Legion draws intake air from the bottom and exhausts in the back.I believe very little intake is drawn from the keyboard.  I would suggest trying and checking temp by feel.

  • Which model do you have? My 9i has huge vents on the keyboard side too, but most laptops usually don't have them there.