Upgrading Legion Tower Ram

Has anyone successfully upgraded their system's ram?  I'd love to put some G.skill DDR5 in my Legion Tower 7 (34IAZ7) but online posts are not encouraging about using XMP ram with these systems.  The PSREF seems to indicate that 4800 is the cap on timing but that's only because that was the max available at the time of system launch.  I'm thinking about risking it with my expectations set very low.

  • Hello,

    sorry my english is not so good (German). I have the same system and today I ordered the G.SKILL RAM Gskill D5 6400 32GB C32 TridentZ Z5 RGB K2, Black, F5-6400J3239G16GX2-TZ5RS. Do you mean you are not supported ? maximum 4800 ? I can't quite imagine that.

    Greetings David

  • Hi David!  I read online that the BIOS doesn't support Intel XMP and it was really hard to find RAM that doesn't use that.  If your ram doesn't rely on Intel XMP for the timing and frequency it should be fine.  I ordered RAM from Amazon that used JEDEC instead of XMP and I'll let you know how it goes!

  • Just an update - I ended up buying this ram to try in the system (DDR5 16GB 5200MHz PC5-41600 CL42).  The RAM works - I now have 64GB as I hoped.  On the other hand, I'm having trouble nailing down the speed.  The bios reports a speed of 4000 Mhz, but Vantage's hardware scan reports the expected 5200 Mhz (see pic).  Hard to figure out what the actual speed is, so I'm going to run a few more tests and play some games and I'll report back!

  • I recently purchased a Lenovo Legion Tower 7i Gen 8 with Intel Core i9-14900KF processor and GTX 4080 Super. Specifically, this is the Legion T7 34IRZ8 with an Intel Z790 motherboard chipset.

    I found mixed reviews on the RAM capacity; the datasheet specified 64gb max, but other information indicated 128gb max. I am happy to report that I am running 128gb; 4x 32gb sticks.

    My full saga:

    1. My machine shipped with 32gb of ram, 2x 16gb SK Hynix sticks.

    2. I updated the BIOS to the May 7th release, BIOS Version O5UKT3AA

    3. Using this BIOS version, I could enable XMP profiles and set the factory RAM to DDR5-5600

    4. I took the risk of ordering a 128gb ram kit. Specifically, I went for the Kingston Fury Beast Black 128gb (4 x 32gb) kit, Kingston P/N: KF556C40BBK4-128. This can be found here at present: www.amazon.com/.../B0C3487K2B

    5. I first replaced the stock ram with half the new ram (2 x 32gb). This booted fine, and on XMP Profile 1 would run at 5600 MHz

    6. I then added two more 32gb sticks, filling up the RAM channels. It took a long time to boot with this configuration; I believe the BIOS eventually resorted to default configuration and a memory speed of 3800 MHz.

    7. Once into the BIOS, I tried setting the XMP Profile 1, all sticks to 5600 MHz. No luck getting this to post.

    8. Fortunately I could get into the BIOS and switch the profile to XMP Profile 2, DDR5-5200. Ran several memory tests (OCCT, Karhu TestMem5) and all is stable.