Best price/performance for Lenovo laptops and desktops. (Open opinion - discussion)

For myself I was looking at buying a tower instead of making or building a new one and not another full tower but if they price of a laptop was right I could do that too. Slight smile

There are some very nice looking deals with 40 even 60% off mostly in the laptop area. If you get serious about gaming you want a dedicated graphics card not the chip imbedded ones so you can scratch that off unless you want a powerful work laptop. (Which are great!!!) Like 15 or less inches. Great for troubleshooting, connectivity, wifi tests etc.

If I recall properly, the towers have much less choices of the legions i5 and i7 and not much in between. Those if I recall are about 25% off.

Please list which ever towers or laptops you think are the best options or if it's just something you'd want the most. It's it actually worth it?

As a side note Lenovo is great with military students etc. They offer discounts after verification which goes on top of the other discounts. Lenovo is also Motorola so the discounts can spread.

  • I love Lenovo laptops so much, they have been the best preforming laptops I’ve ever used. 

  • Your question is pretty broad, going all over the place from desktops to laptops.  It would help if you stated what games, or kind of games you want to play.  For casual gaming, there are many laptops with internal graphics card, and at least 16GB RAM that would work great. Like the Legion laptops...

  • I need a new Laptop, and since this year I am low in cash, I would love to win one. 

  • I'm always in favor of towers, but only get ones that you can upgrade the components in, otherwise you've trapped yourself into stuff that becomes outdated in no time flat.

  • I love Lenovo laptops so much, they have been the best preforming i also own legion 5

  • Yes but that's why I need a good generalized computer. I do like my games and I like virtualizations too. (Windows, cent os, andriod, games and programs in them, practicing servers, networking, equipment etc.)

    The newest i5 legions pc which i don't think I'd or yet would work for most without breaking way to much budget... I'm still looking. I don't know how often the deals vary on what or by how much.

    I've been doing some research about better hardware such as the cpus and GPUs but haven't gone all in since I've been rather busy.

  • Personally, I prefer laptops. I've been doing my research on a Legion for a few weeks now. With presidents day sales right now, the prices seem good, but I have nothing to compare them to. Question, you mention the student/military discount on top of it? I go through the entire cart process and the discount does not reflect. I've tried their "e coupons" and nothing gives me an error code. How exactly do you go about getting that?

  • I recall having to do a verification process through Idme.

  • If mainly gaming purpose than desktop is better than laptop but look all purpose than laptop is better option. 

  • I think the laptop's Lenovo have have some if the best keyboard's