best lenovo legion gaming laptop?(your own opinion)

what do you think is the best lenovo legion gaming laptop?

  • If you are on a budget then the Legeion i5 is the most affordable option, but there is a new Legion Pro 7i with a 4080 coming out. I don't know how good this one will be, but it might be worth waiting for. 

  • This gen I think Pro 5 will be a better value than pro 7 unless you really need a 4080 or 4090

  • These are not things I have, but the features and aesthetic of the 2022 Legion 7 from what I have seen online is just perfect. You get great ambiance with the RGB going all around with a design that can blend in for business, lit up port icons, well built chassis, and plenty of other useful features that make it a premium product. If the current Legion Pro 7 added back what it lost from the 2022 model (features and extra lighting) it would be my favorite overall. If we are talking in terms of best bang for buck, the Legion 5 pro from 2021 or 2022 can often be found at great prices especially for the hardware you are getting. For latest hardware the LOQ and Pro 5 are also good value propositions.  

  • Good call,  .

    Until now, I had not heard of LOQ.  After trying to guess what "LOQ" might be — an acronym for Level Of Quality — I discover (after a search) that it is a new gaming sub-brand for Lenovo.

    And it's pronounced lock — not loke or low-queue or el-oh-queue (as in, "elocution"?), as I had guessed. lol

    I like the logo and the branding.  To me, it seems to be an answer to Asus's ROG¹.  Except that I trust Lenovo's quality, miles beyond Asus.  What do you think?

    ¹ ROG is an acronym — for Republic Of Gamers.

  • Not sure if LOQ may be an acronym or not, but from what I have seen Lenovo LOQ is a response to Asus's non ROG more affordable lineup such as their TUF series. The LOQ can be found at starting prices under $1000 without the flashy RGB or advanced features and with more modest specs like a refreshed 6gb RTX3050 going up to a 4060. I'd say this brings a good response to TUF as well as especially to MSI's Cyborg series and HP's Victus since those two models use low power versions of their GPUs. So with LOQ you get the max power out of your hardware while also getting the better build quality expected from Lenovo at a similar price.