Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Gen 6 16ACH6H -- RTX 3070

Was looking around and found this model for $1300 dollars US, currently looking for my first laptop and wanted to know if this is good value for price or if I can find better? 

  • Also plan to use for school and gaming, heard these fans even on quiet can make a bit of noise for a classroom/library environment, anyone have experience with this model?

  • I have this exact model and use it every day for work, graphic editing, and also some gaming here and there Slight smile
    It's an absolute workhorse, and I think it's probably our community's overall favorite Legion laptop model. I see more photos/posts about this model than any other!

  • Glad I saw these comments. It sounds like a really good laptop.  I will have to look into it.

  • Do you have the link? Where di you find this?

  • Plenty of storage and power on this model.

  • That's the one I wanted to buy before I decided on buying a Steam Deck for gaming and keeping my old laptop for projects. It's the absolute best cost benefit in the market!!

  • I think I saw Walmart selling this model for $1100 on a sale a few months ago. I might be wrong though. 

  • Been researching for my first gaming laptop and that’s a well reviewed machine.  $1300 seemed like a solid price.  Just make sure it’s from a legit seller. 

  • That's a nice price for the GPU/CPU combo.  My only reservation would be that it's a DDR4 machine and not DDR5.  Probably won't matter much in the short to medium term, but last gen tech.  On the plus side, you'll be able to upgrade the memory pretty cheaply in a few years.