Legion K500 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Hello all. I recently bought the 15IAH7H (Legion 5i Gen 7 with RTX 3060) laptop. The internal keyboard is good, but it gets quite warm during gaming. Also, having an external keyboard is good for posture, so I was thinking of purchasing a keyboard to use while gaming.

I have heard some good things about the Legion K500 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and I'm planning to buy it. But I have only used a membrane keyboard in the past. It was a cheap one and some of the keys stopped working after a while, so I want to try something more reliable. So, I have some questions about this keyboard:

  1. The product status is shown as out of stock on this page: (Lenovo Legion K500 Gaming Keyboard | Lenovo US). Is it discontinued or will it be back in stock soon? I am okay with waiting a few weeks but not more than that.
  2. How loud will it be compared to a typical external membrane keyboard? I have heard the red switches are not that loud, but I just wanted to know from someone who has switched from a membrane keyboard to a mechanical one.
  3. Are the keycaps and switches replaceable? Will I be able to buy standard keycaps sometime later for this keyboard? The stock keycaps look good enough for me, but I just want to know if I will be able to do this sometime later. Also, does the keyboard come with any spare keys?
  • Here is your answer to your question to the best of my abilities:

    1. Some of the Lenovo Legion K500 Gaming Keyboards are sold on Amazon, but it is a little pricey compared to the price on the official Lenovo page. However, I don't know when they will restock their official website.

    2. Regarding loudness, it depends on how much pressure you type on the keys.

    3. I just looked it up, and sadly, this keyboard cannot replace the switches for it. (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Y-Gaming-Accessories-Curved-Gaming-Monitors/Are-the-k500-s-switches-soldered-or-hotswappable/m-p/5106960#:~:text=They%20are%20definitely%20not%20hot,to%20the%20keyboard%20PCB...)
    I do not know whether the keycaps for this would be replaceable, as I do not own this type of keyboard either.

  • An external keyboard is a great idea.  Also looking for good experience and advice from other members,

  • Is a nice Keyboard I been looking to see if i find it white, but I have not subsided. I would love if the make it white.

  • Thanks, seems like it is available now.

  • It is a pretty good keyboard. I personally like Legion accessories after using some of them. It is probably out of stock as I think it is one of the main Legion gaming keyboards. Legion has some good gaming mice too. I have had my mouse for over 2 years and still works great.

  • I've been using the K500 for two years now.  I really like it.  It looks like it's back in stock at Lenovo.com.  The noise is similar to other mechanical keyboards I've seen - it's not silent Slight smile.  I have not tried to replace the keycaps or switches.  I would certainly recommend it.