COD MW2 on Legion 7 laptop?

Has anyone played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II on the legion 7 laptop? 

How’s the gameplay, smooth? Also, are you using a controller or keyboard/mouse? 

  • Have not... But if you adjust settings for a bit lower screen definition and refresh rate, should be playable?

  • It's a demanding game, so you may need to turn settings down. KB/mouse is my preference for precision, but that's entirely up to your preference.

  • Haven't.However its a very intense game.  I thikI'll stick to the desktop

  • I am able to play it smoothly on my Legion y540 on medium settings at 1080p. I could probably do high settings with no problems but I usually set demanding games at medium since my graphics card is only a RTX 2060 6GB. I use a controller with COD because KB feels off to me. I tried fooling with KB settings but it did not feel right to me. I normally would recommend KB for any shooter but I feel controller is more responsive in my experience with it.

  • Ooo, thanks for all the info! I’ll keep this in mind when I buy the game for pc!