Which Lenovo Gaming laptop are you using and would you buy it again?

Looking to pick up a gaming laptop and I was trying to decide which model to pick. So I would love people opinions on the model they picked and if they would pick it again? If not what would you change?

Secondly what type of battery life are you getting?

  • I've got a Pro 7i Gen 8 and a Slim 7 Gen 6.  I really like both.  It all depends on what you need and what you like.  I like the portability of the Slim 7, and it's also equally good for work and gaming.  The 7i is a bit more of a desktop replacement (not that it's too heavy).  I really like the 7i's power and functionality.  If you're focused primarily on gaming and maximum FPS, I would recommend the Legion 7 or 7i (either Gen 7 or Gen 8).  If you don't need maximum gaming performance (e.g., gaming on high settings works for you), and portability is important, I'd recommend the Slim 7 - although I'd wait until the new ones come out.  The Slim 7 is also less expensive.  My wife has a Legion 5i and really likes it - but it's a bit older.  However, I've heard the newer 5 and 5i are both good machines.

    We don't use the laptops on battery too often, but they're fine if you're not gaming.  If you want to play games on battery power, you might be a bit disappointed with almost any gaming laptop.  However, unfortunately, Legion machines don't have the best battery life - especially when gaming.  It hasn't been an issue for me, but it is a thing...

  • Legion 5 17 inch, and i will buy it again for sure.