Desired features for an ideal Lenovo Legion Pro 9/9i Laptop

If there were to be a new top tier Lenovo Legion Pro 9/9i Laptop, what would you all like it to include? What new features, hardware options, software, design changes, improvements, and other upgrades would you want in this new device?

  • A system targeted towards gamers that mod their own system would be amazing. I would like modular upgrades and access to overclocking out of the box.

  • Great if one can hot-swap certain components!

  • Heat issue more improve if possible

  • I'd have to think on it a bit. But interesting to see other's ideas.

  • Maybe an OLED screen...  Everything else seems to be covered.  Best to replace a computer every 3-4 yrs instead of trying to upgrade IMHO.

  • Love the modularity idea.  A really nice integrated docking station, maybe with a nice full sized GPU solution, integrated high speed charging and a robust cooling solution would be a killer way to make it a total desktop replacement.

  • Let me upgrade components as I desire - plug and play

  • Direct external SSD port for testing and quick expansion without having to take it apart or go through the c port.   If we are talking top-of-the-line...  max out ram and SSD storage.   minimum of 4 TB internal storage  32GB ram.    probably go after the latest and greatest graphics from GeForce, ideally a prototype hot off the designing board.