How To Add Additional NVMe Drive to Legion Desktop

Hey guys, I added a faster NVMe drive to my Legion Generation 8 desktop. Just wanted to share how to do it if anyone else is interested in adding more storage to their computer.

  • Informative video for those who are new to adding/changing components. Your choice of SSD is excellent. I have highly recommended Kingston drives to friends in the past and are usually my first choice along with Firecuda when my budget allows it. They are the more expensive brands but worth the price if you are not strapped for cash.

  • Great.  Much appreciated...

  • Good information to know.

  • Thanks Octopod114! My first ever SSD was a Kingston Patriot SSD from like 11 or 12 years ago. I then moved to Samsung, but recently tried to stay away after what I heard about the potential 990 degradation issue. I was debating between this and the WD 850X, but this was a much better value. I'll keep Firecuda in mind next time too. Thanks for the tip.

  • Glad it was helpful agkulcz4g Slight smile

  • Glad it was useful Toby Slight smile

  • With how cheap storage is nowadays, this video will definitely help many who are looking to expand it.

  • Very helpful video!   I know someone who returned a good SSD because they did not know how to format/initialize it in their system.   Everyone thinks that adding all devices should be "plug and play"; but not always!

  • Yea there are a lot of sales recently on SSDs.

  • Yep. Some users also plug certain devices into slower USB ports and return the devices for not reaching rated speeds, or close to rated speeds.