How To Add Additional NVMe Drive to Legion Desktop

Hey guys, I added a faster NVMe drive to my Legion Generation 8 desktop. Just wanted to share how to do it if anyone else is interested in adding more storage to their computer.

  • Ooof. The never-ending struggle of needing more storage.When I built my PC, I put two 1TB NVMEs in so I could have some separation. I've got space for another one that I'd like to be a 2TB or a 4TB, but honestly I'm rolling around the idea of also getting PCIE adapter that holds four NVMEs in the future as well. This is on top of more than several terabytes of external drives. I run into this issue at work despite having a couple of terabytes between my workstation. I just want more space! Rofl

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    Yea I hear you. I already had 2X 14TB HDDs for cold storage, but I needed more space for project files. Plus the size of games is getting crazy that you can easily eat up a 1 TB with 3 or 4 games. The PCIE adapter thing looks neat, just don't know if the speeds coming out will be lower or not. Hopefully drive prices keep dropping though, would love to have a 4 TB down the road.

  • Good to know.  Thanks for sharing!

  • Although Lenovo does not offer video guides for every product, before seeking 3rd-party guides, you may want to check the following repository for your device:

    Parts Removal and Replacement Videos — PCs and Smart Devices

    For example: the Legion 7i Gen 8 Desktop, featured in the YouTube video, is not included in the repository.  Based on my search for it and other 2022–23 Legion PCs, the repository includes the latest Legions laptops.

    The only Legion desktops included are either:

    • So old, they feature GTX 1060s for the "GPU Removal" video
    • Appear to have no discreet graphics; i.e. no "GPU Removal" video
      • in one such case, the model has an "Optical Drive Removal" video
  • Nicely done - thanks for the post.

  • Thank you for the very informative video. This will be very helpful for my future upgrade plans.

  • Thanks Gandar!

  • Games nowadays use a lot of graphics and need a lot more memory and hard drive space! Thank you for sharing this important information!!

  • Glad it was helpful!