Legion Accessories

Recommendations for Legion Laptop accessories? Bags, headphones, mice, etc. Anything you can't live without?

  • A crossbody bag with utility pockets would be really sophisticated! 

  • I'd have to say a larger gaming monitor.. Maybe a 27 inch, the 15.6 inch on my laptop makes me squint when playing Diablo 3..

  • Heard good things about the H600 wireless headset. I haven't tried it but its the first on my list when my rewards accumulate.

  • headphones are great if they have some./

  • Carrying bag and headphones

  • I appreciate the recommendations too. 

  • Crossbody bag and headphones are a must.

  • Wireless gaming mouse is a must.

  • A good pair of headphones is a must. I'm looking at recommendations for this one myself.

  • I'd love a legion wind breaker or umbrella.