Do you regret getting any of Lenovo's/Legions products?

So far I probably have about 10 items from them and have been surprised every time about their quality for the price and have yet to have any of their items break . But im interested to hear if their are any products I should stay away from in the future.

  • I regret NOT buying more wearable Legion items seeing as they've been gone for a while and I neeeeed more Disappointed relieved

  • I only got my Legion 5 and I'm currently waiting for my Legion keyboard to arrive. I have nothing to complain about. The best product I could think of and the laptop of my dreams!

  • I have been exclusively Lenovo with all my laptops for a while.  Being old I have dealt with probably every computer company over the past 40 years.  I stick with a company until there is a reason not to any longer.  Usually is the reason is the company starts doing terrible customer service, or they stop being competitive with their products.  For example.  the Dell XPS used to be high quality and high performance.  I checked one out a few years ago it is seems like they gave up on the product.

    The only Lenovo laptop that I regretted was the Yoga. It was a good laptop, but I went for the pen tablet ability, which was okay but not great.  but I went with lower specs to get the portability of a tablet,   PC's and pen technology is not great.  not just Lenovo as a I have learned.   Lesson is if you want a tablet, get a tablet.  

    Buying something small I limited the lifespan.  The software I would used with the pen advanced with CPU/GPU technology.  It still works, but it is really down to being used for basic things.   Had I done what I normally do,  like buy a gaming laptop or something on the high performance side I would have gotten more for my investment. 

  • I've only had the Legion 5 pro and I regret selling it.

  • Thus far the only Lenovo products I have are Chromebooks, first one that was on sale for $80, and replaced with a better touch screen one that can flip over and be used like a tablet for only $100 also on sale. For how cheap they are, I have absolutely no complaints. For what I use them for (largely streaming), the battery life is excellent, paired with decent Bluetooth headphones, it is great.

    I do wish I had discovered this site and the community shop sooner. There are some good deals on gaming mice/keyboards.