Memory upgrades for Legion 5....

So I am hoping that I have chosen the right group to post this to. When I purchased my Legion 5 17in Laptop, I was told by the support rep, that upgrading any hardware would void my warranty... Now, as gamers, we all know that upgrading hardware is a must, as we all strive for better faster FPS and improving our gaming rigs for the best gaming experience. Hearing that upgrading the laptop would void my warranty was troubling, so I contacted a manager at Lenovo and poed the same question, and he advised me it would not as long as the upgrades were done with compatible hardware, preferably with hardware approved by Lenovo, bbt that was not a requirement as Lenovo does not have a very comprehensive list of approved hardware. 

Wen I purchased the laptop I was only able to get a max of 16GB RAM, and it came with 16 GB DDR4 2933MHz.  Lenovo says that this laptop can not handle any more then the 16GB, however, I did a bunch or research on Google and found a number of people who had infact upgraded to as much as 64GB, but it seemed that the majority only went to 32GB. So I did some searching and no memory manufacturer listed ths laptop as compatible with any memory other then the basic 16GB DDR4 as apparently they are only able to list memory that Lenovo says is compatible. So after some additional searching I found that this laptop can actually handle DDR4 3200MHz ram, and so I decided to give things a whirl and ordered Kingston HyperX 32GB DDR4 3200MHz ram. 

I installed it and sure enough, the Legion 5 handles this RAM perfectly fine, and it has had a marked effect on my performance. Games are running much faster, and I am getting up to 180 FPS on some games, and while the games I play are not the FPS games i used to play, I can tell you from experience, I don't think they will have any problems whatsoever on this laptop.

So my question is, has anyone else upgraded their memory or other hardware, and if so, what has your experience been as far as improvements etc. I would be interested to know what else others have upgraded, and if anyone has upgraded their memory which have you used?


  • oh snap i was scared of upgrading to more than 16gig but i also installed a ssd and a m.2 drive

  • oh snap i was scared of upgrading to more than 16gig but i also installed a ssd and a m.2 drive

  • Yeah, I was concerned as well, but with my years of experience, I could find no reason that this should not have worked so I decided to take the chance and I am glad I did. The extra memory was well worth it and the results have been awesome. Lenovo seems to like to be in control because some people should just not ever open a laptop and mess around inside, then Lenovo would have to pick up the pieces when they blow up their machine. This is likely why they say it's not supported so they can save themselves the trouble from those who venture where they should not. However, for those who have the experience and don't mind taking the responsibility if they mess things up, then upgrading is worth doing. I just wish Lenovo would spend a little extra time whitelisting more hardware options. Cheers!