Gaming Laptop or Macbook Pro for gaming and specs?

Gaming Laptop or Macbook Pro for gaming and specs?

  • I'd go gaming laptop for both.  Support for Macs is all over the place.  Apple silicon is a step up from where they were at with throwing 8th gen intel processors into their flagship stuff right before that.  Especially for the Macbook Airs.  I think their latest intel chip was a 5th gen processor before they went with the M1.  I could be completely wrong though, haven't looked into the Apple stuff in a while.

  • Macbook Pro is still not made for gaming and there are very limited games that you can run natively, ports are of lower quality. For specs you're pretty much paying a premium for all Apple products

  • Apple still has not put enough effort into gaming on their devices. While their new specs are impressive, for the price a windows gaming laptop will still get you more at a lower price while also offering vastly superior specs as well at certain price points. That, and the vast majority of games are still not playable on a Mac from a compatibility standpoint. So with that said, gaming laptop for both. 

  • Good luck trying to game on a Mac.

  • I love Mac computers, have own severl laptops & desktops through the years, and although I've played many different games on them, they're forte is not gaming. 

  • I prefer a Windows Laptop, mainly because Apple is still somewhat restrictive to what games it can play, and more difficult to modify.   Not saying MACs are not good computers, they just don't "play well" with all the games, apps, and programs out there.  Apple still wants buyers to only buy and use Apple products, including games built for Apple IOS.

  • I thinking gaming laptop for gaming. I have a MBP with Intel silicon and native MacOS gaming is not great. I boot-camped it so it has Windows, and it's better - playable. but not great. I work in IT and have for a long time - I still consider Macs to be more niche devices than a generic Windows machine... and I have both on my desk right now. One company absolutely insists everyone has Macs "for enhanced security". Hands down, in performance tests, my HP zBook beats the pants off of the MBP daily.

  • I don't understand why people still buy Apple products.  Didn't everyone see the class action lawsuit that they lost for limiting their products more and more over time using software?   They degraded their products on purpose to force people to replace them more often.   For me, that is unforgivable for the price they ask.

  • I would usually prefer windows laptops for gaming I even use Windows for work.

  • 100%. Also their reluctance to implement USB C charging so they can sell proprietary cables, no thanks.