What would be your dream laptop?

Your dream laptop doesn't mean the most power laptop currently conceivable, your dream laptop doesn't even have to currently exist, just a laptop that you would really want to have and why.

  • In the future, I can see a laptop that looks like an 8 inch cylinder, maybe 3/4 to 1 inch diameter.  Fan-less, ROLL UP 15-16" OLED Display, faster CPU and GPU than current laptops, battery life of 12 hrs minimum, though 24 hrs would be great.    Keyboard might be "projected" type to keep size weight down. or it might also be a typo of roll out that is concentric with the screen.      One can dream!  LOL

  • Without a doubt, the new Legion i9 maxed out.  Innocent

  • I'd want something large enough to have an 18" or 19" screen and enough room for air ventilation. I don't care about having a heavy laptop if it comes with enough performance and better thermals. That would also allow me to have a fuller keyboard with shortcut buttons. It could even have a wireless charging pad on it for my phone. I'd want the screen to have a high PPI and brightness too for use in bright environments.

  • I'd like a laptop that can play AAA games without any cooling system. No fans, no AIOs. So that would also mean that desktop-level GPU performance is expected/required.

  • 15"-17" display, with a current GPU and CPU, 32GB - 64GB of DDR5 RAM.

  • Build quality and screen of a MacBook, with 144 Hz, battery life of a Macbook, Speakers of a Macbook, Trackpad of a Macbook....Actually, just a Macbook that can actually game, but at the price of a PC.

  • I agree with this.  Those midnight black Macbooks are nice, only real downside is price and no gaming.

  • Dream laptop would have maxed out specs, amazing cooling, and has a thin profile that's easy to carry around! Thinking of desktop power that's portable enough to play all the latest AAA games! Having a 17inch OLED screen in 1440p!

  • the free one for the monthly give away this month.  That'd be nice

  • A compact laptop that I can travel with easily and connect to a larger monitor at home.