Legion 9i additions/changes for next year

So the first iteration of the Legion 9i has been revealed, what would you all want to add or change for next years model? I realize a lot of people are gonna come in here with the "swappable parts" answer which is understandable, it is a desirable feature but if you have something more unique I'd like to hear it too. For me, I would want the trackpad to be replaced with something similar to a touch screen that covers the whole area under the keyboard serving as a customizable section that can be a trackpad, a taskbar, whatever function you may need. The liquid cooling should play a more active role rather than just sustained performance, perhaps allowing for higher wattage parts. And finally, an internal speaker system that has directional audio and natural sound, giving the user a sense of realism in the audio.

  • I see that sound good, you know I seen a laptop dual touch screen one for typing and mouse use and the main, and when you stand it up it becomes a big screen good for watching videos or playing games with controller.

  • I like ez connecting to external keyboard, mouse, & display so compliment portability. Sometime I can just hook it up to a big monitor or tv & play.

  • Well I wouldn't mind putting through it's paces & giving it a full appraisal before answering. LOL. 

  • I'm loving the idea of a touchscreen and an RGB keyboard is always on my list. Easy connectability to my mouse .. An amazing graphics card that can be swapped out at will... Definetely needs a decent sound system

  • More energy efficient processor/parts, Lighter Parts, And maybe an actual mini-mouse that fits into the laptop to recharge and store; MAybe remove the touchpad if this is included! 

  • Like to see more upgradable parts (RAM, storage, etc) . Swappable parts are more niche, as usually the onboard features (screen, touchpad, keyboard, etc) are fine as is or is better to have an external version. The liquid cooling feature is quite neat, and should be seen more in the future with more variations.  

  • I'd like a laptop with dual screens (preferably touch enabled). I love being able to work and play on the go, but I always miss my extra monitors. Also really dig the customizable touch pad below the keyboard - that's a great idea!

  • What about Triple Graphics cards to power multiple monitors?  3TB of storage.  Cell phone booster antenna built in for each carrier.  4x battery life so you can actually use a laptop for more than an hour while not plugged in.  

  • Interesting what you say about a trackpad. I actually have mine always turned off because while I'm typing or gaming, because my palm rubs against it and then my cursor goes crazy. Yet, I don't always want to have my mouse out for simply turning it off or clicking into something real fast. So anything that is motion sensored swiping (to avoid touching screen) would be awesome.