Wanted to Know more about GPU undervolting and its feasibility

I have a Legion Y520 and it has Nvidia 1050ti GPU I came across several people where they recommended to under-volt the GPU to lower the thermal temperature and lag due to overheating!! Any guide or tips for my GPU where can i start and should I go ahead with it?? 

  • So, I went ahead with the above solution and man I'm on 9th cloud. Earlier my CPU Temp would go as far as 90C and GPU will be following it to 80-85 C range but now I can see massive decrease in temp almost 8-10.C After lots of trial and error (and several BSOD) I finally settled for a sweet spot of -0.125 mv for CPU 

    I played "horizon zero dawn" for 2-3 hours and it was so stable and never went above 80C which is still good considering how heavy the game is.

    P.s- I under-volted both my GPU and CPU using msi afterburner and Intel XTU

  • awesome! not bad at all for the first time! next you can try to repaste your cpu and gpu if you dare to try it... that will also give you the chance to air out the heatsinks and wipe out the dust. that should help a bit more. wont really drop thermals much but your fan noise would drop slightly as it would take less rpm to produce the same level of cooling performance. arctic silver is good and so is thermal grizzly; not many will vouch for it but the noctua 2nd gen paste is also pretty good. 

  • Not my cup of tea LOL and moreover I can't risk voiding its warranty it's a new laptop!! so, I don't' think it will require a change of thermal paste but I'll keep them in mind for future reference . Thanks

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