What are some of the top Pre- Buildt Gaming Towers :)

Just interested in seeing some of the various viewpoints

  • If I were to buy a new pre-built gaming tower for myself right now it would be a Lenovo Legion Tower, but to branch out I'll include the other brands I would consider from the main big companies. The other 2 would be Corsair and HP Omen. Legion Tower reasonings are good price,  build quality, sufficient cooling, good built in control software without intrusive ads, and cooling profiles. That, and I have personal experience using their PCs (a laptop) and it has worked flawlessly for over a year.  The one downside I can see of Legion towers is the software missing custom fan control for prolonged high power draw, but you can get 3rd party applications for this and I hear this function is in the works. Corsair is another good one for build, cooling, lighting customization, and the option to spec up to the 6ghz i9 13900KS, but is much higher in cost for similar performance. Lastly HP, these have some ups and downs, good side being pricing similar but a bit higher than Legion and they do have good build quality, but this is the last choice for a number of reasons. Lower clocks set by HP, not the best cooling, control software tries hard to sell you more stuff, and often times proprietary parts. All of the brands mentioned are reliable and have easy access into the internals for cleaning and potentially upgrading. A lot of the info I got for this was from Just!N Tech on YouTube, great place to do your research on pre-builts if you are looking into them. 

  • If you plan to upgrade a pre-built over the years, I recommend a Lenovo Legion i7. This tower offers the best foundation for the cost out of any other pre-built on the market. However, if you do not care about saving money or being able to upgrade easily then I would go with a Corsair One i300.