Find a laptop for all needs

I'm trying to find a laptop which can do all my needs .

I get tired of keeping 2 laptop one for gaming and other for browsing and straming .

I have to update both laptop and also upgrade both .

What do you a think about one poweful laptop can handle all my needs even if it's more expensive .


  • For those tasks you listed a Legion Pro 5i would be your best bet price to performance wise. If you are livestreaming your games you would want a model with the 13th gen i7 as that would have sufficient power to multitask all the purposes you listed without slowdowns. This device would come with a 4060 or 4070 and either one would have you covered at the 1600p resolution. 

  • To browse the internet you only really need: a good wifi chip and good ram, most modern gaming laptops come with both, so you really only need to worry about the CPU, gpu and screen, for that I would recommend a Lenovo Legion 5 from last year because: the 30 and even the 20 (to a lesser extent) series Nvidia graphics cards are well suited for modern gaming and AMD Ryzen graphics cards tend to be more power efficient than their Intel counter parts.

    With all this in mind, my recommendation would be either

    Ryzen 7 6800h and 3060 from Amazon

    Or a Lenovo Legion 5 gen 8, Ryzen 7 7840hs and 4060 from Lenovo's official website