For those who have had many laptops in the past, what has been your favourite?

What has been your favorite gaming laptop and why?

Note: the laptop doesn't have to be a Lenovo laptop, what I'm looking for is the laptop you've had that got the most bang for your buck.

  • Uh mine is a Legion 5i.   They are solid.   

  • As far as gaming goes, nothing I've owned can beat my Legion 5. Every other laptop I've owned was either a business machine, or a Chromebook.

    My Legion is great!

  • I don't think I've had a Lenovo laptop exclusivley for gaming. My son had an alienware one for a long time that he loved. I upgraded from an HP to a MSI a few years back and I did love that one. It just felt nice, had a fast processor, and it looked good. 

  • I've never had a gaming laptop, so I'm hoping my next one will be a favorite. I mean, any gaming laptop would be a favorite, really.

  • Over 10 years ago I had my first touch screen laptop, that for me was my favorite.

  • I use my Lenovo Thinkbook for some gaming, but nothing that needs a dedicated video card.

  • I ran an Asus a while back. It was fine.

  • MSI Cyborg 15. I think it's pretty neat and it can play a decent amount of games the only problem is the battery that dies kind of fast. I haven't had many overheating problems like others said that could happen so it's pretty good. It also goes on sale a few times a year so you can get it for cheaper than something like Razer Blade 15. But if you want something for more hard core gaming I would suggest the Razer Blade 15. It's much better and from reviews and personally seeing one I think it can play games better than my personal one (MSI Cyborg 15) But the price is much steeper than the Cyborg 15. 

  • Hands down the Legion Slim 7i - I used the Dell XPS line heavily in the past for my work related laptops, but my last XPS had to be fixed/replaced 3 times due to QC issues (battery bulge). Switched to the Legion Slim line for my work laptop and the build quality and overall performance has been great in comparison... it's been a great mix of aesthetics for a business environment and performance 

  • I like my Macbook Pro 2011. I'm still using it to this day. It was easy to upgrade to make it last longer. I am going to upgrade it too, but it lasted forever.